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"Pinned" refers to a social media feature that allows users to keep a specific post or tweet at the top of their profile or feed.

What does it mean when a post is "pinned"?

When a user pins a post on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram,  it remains in a prominent position, usually at the top of their profile or feed.

The pinned feature is often used by individuals, businesses, and organizations to highlight important announcements, promotions, or other content that they want their followers to see first. For example, a business might pin a tweet announcing a new product or a sale, while an individual might pin a post sharing a significant life event or accomplishment.

What are the benefits of pinning posts?

Pinning posts can be useful for social media users to highlight and prioritize specific content on their profiles or feeds.

Pinning a post can also be a helpful way to keep important information easily accessible for a longer period of time, especially on platforms like Twitter where the timeline moves quickly and older tweets can quickly become buried.


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