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Put on Blast

When someone says they're going to "put someone on blast," it means they intend to publicly expose or criticize that person's actions, behavior, or personal information. It typically involves sharing negative or embarrassing details about them to a wide audience, often through social media or other public platforms.

What's the purpose of "putting someone on blast"?

To "put someone on blast" is a form of calling out or publicly shaming someone, with the intention of holding them accountable, seeking justice, or simply expressing disapproval. It can involve sharing screenshots, messages, photos, or any other evidence that exposes the person's wrongdoing or objectionable behavior.

The act of putting someone on blast can have various motivations, such as seeking retribution for perceived harm, raising awareness about problematic actions, or simply venting frustrations publicly. However, it's worth noting that public shaming can have serious consequences and ethical implications, so it's important to consider the impact it may have on the person being called out and the potential for disproportionate harm.


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