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The term "ratio" refers to a situation where the number of replies or comments on a post significantly outweighs the number of likes or retweets it receives.

What does it mean to get "ratioed"?

“Ratio” is often used to describe a post that generates more negative or critical responses compared to positive engagement. When a post is said to be "ratioed," it means that the comments or replies are filled with criticism, disagreement, or negative feedback, creating an imbalance between the engagement metrics.

The concept of ratioing can indicate that a post or statement has faced significant opposition or backlash from the online community. It is often seen as an indication that the content is controversial, poorly received, or incites strong reactions and debate.

It's important to note that ratioing is not always a definitive measure of the quality or value of a post. It can also be influenced by factors such as the size of the user's following, the nature of the topic being discussed, or the particular online community in which the post is shared.

Where does the term "Ratio" originate from?

The term originated from the idea that the comment section appears as a disproportionate ratio when compared to the number of likes or retweets, suggesting a lack of support or agreement with the original post.


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