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Retweet (RT)

"RT" stands for "retweet." A retweet is a feature on Twitter that allows users to share someone else's tweet with their own followers. When you retweet a post, it appears on your own profile, and your followers can see it in their feed.

How does a retweet work?

When you retweet a post, it is attributed to the original author, and your followers can see both the original tweet and your retweet. Depending on the platform's settings and the user's preferences, retweets may appear directly in followers' feeds or in a separate section dedicated to retweets.

Users often add their own comments or captions when retweeting, either to provide additional context, express their thoughts, or engage in a conversation related to the original tweet. This is commonly done by including a personal message before or after the "RT" or retweet symbol.


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