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Soft Launch

Soft launch on social media refers to a limited release of a product, service, or campaign to a smaller audience before the full public launch.

The goal of a soft launch is to test and gather feedback, identify potential issues, and make necessary adjustments before a wider, more public release.

What are some examples of a soft launch?

On social media, a soft launch involves gradually introducing a product, service, or campaign to a targeted audience before a full-scale public release. Examples include creating teaser posts to generate anticipation, sharing exclusive content with a select group of followers, or running a limited-time promotion for a specific segment of the audience.

Brands might also use closed or invite-only groups on platforms like Facebook to gather feedback and gauge initial reactions from a smaller, more engaged audience before unveiling the offering to the broader public. This approach allows businesses to fine-tune their messaging, identify potential issues, and build momentum with a dedicated group of supporters, ensuring a more polished and impactful launch when the time comes to go fully public on social media platforms.


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