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"TBT" is an abbreviation for "Throwback Thursday,” a popular hashtag used to share and celebrate old memories and experiences with others, and to celebrate the past.

Does TBT have to be on Thursday?

The term “Throwback Thursday” originated on social media platforms like Instagram where users shared nostalgic or old photos, videos, or stories on Thursday. On Thursdays, people would share a post from their past with the hashtag #TBT. The purpose of TBT is to reflect on memories, share nostalgic moments, and sometimes make fun of old fashion choices. It is a way for people to reminisce and connect with their followers over shared experiences. Nowadays, TBT is no longer just relegated to Thursdays. The term has come to generally refer to “throwback” as in a blast from the past and continues to be a popular way for people to reminisce about the good old days.

How do you do TBT?

Share old photos or memories

TBT is all about reflecting on the past and sharing old photos or memories with your followers. You can choose to share a photo from your childhood, a trip you took, a special event, or anything else that you want to remember.

Use the hashtag #TBT

To participate in TBT, use the hashtag #TBT in your post so that other people can find and engage with your content.

Add context

Adding a caption or brief description to your TBT post can help give context to your followers and make the post more interesting. You can share interesting facts about the photo, describe what was happening, or reflect on how things have changed since then.

Make it personal

TBT is a personal way to connect with your followers and reminisce about the past. You can choose to share something that is meaningful to you and use TBT as a way to tell your story and connect with others.

Be creative

There are no strict rules for TBT, so you can be creative and have fun with it. You can choose to share a series of photos, create a collage, or even share a video or song from the past. The goal is to share something that is meaningful to you and that you hope will connect with your followers.


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