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TikTok Conversations

TikTok Conversations is a tool created by Later that lets you easily read, reply to, hide, and delete TikTok comments at scale.

You can manage comments on your TikTok videos at the same time that you schedule your other social content. Here are the three actions you can take using TikTok Conversations:


To reply to a comment in the Later app, click on it and the commenter’s username will be automatically mentioned in your reply. Enter your response in the textbox, then click Reply. Your response will be threaded as it would on TikTok.


To like a comment, hover over it and click the heart icon. Click the icon again to unlike it.

Hide & Delete

You can only delete comments made by your own account, but you can hide comments made by other accounts. This can be useful if you’re seeing inappropriate comments or self-promotion on your TikTok.


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