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How to create an Instagram content plan

Creating great Instagram content

Your content should be made up of two important factors: 50% context and 50% your spin. The most successful brands on Instagram have this down – they’re tapped in but also have their own, unique perspective. Find out how to join in on the conversation while letting your brand voice shine.

Finding your Instagram community

What does your ideal community look like? It’s important to really think about the people you know, or the people you want to know! In this video, you’ll learn how to identify your target audience, then get out there and find them.

Finding Future Clients

Unfortunately, there’s no magic button on Instagram to “find more clients”. However while you’re looking at your community, you might notice some people who could really benefit from using your service or expertise! In this video you’ll learn how to find your future clients and start the conversation.

Pitching the Perfect Partner

Creating new partnerships on Instagram is a great way to grow your account, get more visibility, and tap into a niche audience. Learn how to create seamless partnerships and find your perfect match.

Sizing Up the Competition

Knowing who your competition on Instagram is a crucial part of building your content strategy – it’s a great way to find more people in your community, new customers, or potential partners! Find out how to “efficiently stalk” the competition and apply learnings to your own brand strategy.

How to Build a Visual Identity Board

Let’s get vis-u-al! It’s time to put everything you’ve learned into one, easy-to-reference place. Find out how to build a visual identity board and how it can help you build a seamless content strategy.


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A creator, digital designer, and entrepreneur at heart, Puno is the Founder of ilovecreatives , a platform connecting creatives working that slashie life. She also created , an Instagram marketing tool where you can analyze your instagram marketing efforts and strategically build an organic community.

You can find her vlogging on Youtube , in DTLA on the hunt for the city’s best food, or exploring incredible locations with Madewithmap a trusted community of travel influencers.

You can also follow her on Instagram at @punodostres + @ilovecreatives +

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