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Training Courses

Video how-tos for social media growth

  • How to Use Instagram Stories for Business

    Learn how to create engaging Instagram Stories, set content pillars, and optimize your content for more followers, sales, and traffic.

    Video Course

  • Later Presents: Social Media & Mental Health

    Learn how to create consistent content while protecting and prioritizing your mental health.

    On-demand Webinar

  • How to be a Successful Content Creator

    Get expert tips on succeeding as a creator with TikTok star and social media coach, Skyelar Garcia.

    Video Interview

  • Later Presents: Reel Talk (opens a new tab)

    Learn how to grow your following and community with Reels from three creators who have done it themselves.

    Video Course

  • How To Make More Sales on Social (opens a new tab)

    Learn how to convert your social content goodness into commerce. Hint: it's all about getting P.A.I.D.

    Video Course

  • Later Presents: Social Sales Sessions (opens a new tab)

    Sign up for access to webinars, panel discussions, and Q&As with small biz experts to learn how you can create a digital storefront and start selling on social media.


  • Refresh Your Instagram

    From navigating trends to building reports, get everything you need to thrive on Instagram with this free 5-day email series.

    Email Series

  • Influencer Marketing 101: Free Course

    In this course, you'll learn everything you need to know to run a successful influencer marketing campaign.

    Video Course

  • How to Create an Instagram Content Plan

    In this course, learn how to create a seamless Instagram content plan and strategy.

    Video Course

  • Setting Your Small Business Goals for 2020 & Beyond

    Ready? Let's goal. Find out how to develop your Instagram goals for 2020 and start putting them into action.

    Video Course + Worksheet

  • How to Write Engaging Instagram Captions

    In this free workshop, you'll learn how to create captions that increase your engagement and convert your followers into customers!

    6 Video Tutorials

  • How to Design Instagram Stories That Captivate Your Audience

    Learn how to design stories that captivate your followers, right from your phone! No fancy design skills or software necessary.

    Video Course

  • How to Increase Engagement & Followers with Instagram Video (opens a new tab)

    Creating video for your business is a huge growth opportunity, and it doesn't have to be intimidating or expensive.

    Video Course

  • How to Use Instagram Stories for Small Business (Six Tips From the Pros)

    Get tips from the pros that will help you brand, design, and plan Isntagram Stories that sell.

    Video Course

  • How to Get Your First 1000 Followers

    Whether you're new to Instagram marketing or just starting a new account, learn the steps you can take to grow from 0 to 1000 followers, fast!

    Video Course


In-depth strategies and the latest social trends

  • Creator Mental Health Report: Social Media & Burnout

    Over 600 creators get candid about how they navigate social media burnout, set boundaries, and find balance from being chronically online.


  • Creator Rates Report 2023

    Discover how much social media influencers make & what you should be charging for content in this free report!


  • Instagram Industry Benchmarks Report 2022 (opens a new tab)

    Highlighting 30 industries, this report is filled with detailed industry stats that go beyond the basics and dive deep into the data.


  • Social Media Design Trends 2022 (opens a new tab)

    Discover the top 10 graphic design trends on social media right now in this free report.


  • The Selling Power of Influencers (opens a new tab)

    Later and Fohr have analyzed over 3.5M posts to reveal the correlation between an influencer's follower count and their Instagram performance – get the full report now!


  • Instagram Marketing: The Definitive Guide (2022 Update)

    Learn the fundamentals of Instagram marketing, running your first campaign, the ins and outs of your Instagram analytics, tips on using Instagram Stories for your business, and more!


  • What does 2020 hold for influencer marketing?

    In this collab with our friends at Fohr, we take a deep dive into the current state of influencer marketing on Instagram and look towards the future of this growing industry


  • How to Plan an Instagram Stories Campaign (opens a new tab)

    Learn everything you need to know - from setting goals to hitting 'post' – to run a successful Instagram Stories campaign!


  • Instagram Analytics Strategy Guide (opens a new tab)

    Learn how to start tracking your account's performance and make better decisions about your strategy.


  • How to Run Your First Instagram Marketing Campaign

    From setting your goals to picking a campaign hashtag – we're teaching you everything you need to know to run your first (successful) Instagram marketing campaign.


  • Instagram Influencer Marketing Strategy Guide (opens a new tab)

    Learn how your business can use Instagram influencer marketing to increase your brand awareness, follower base, and drive major sales!


  • Instagram Hashtag Strategy Guide

    Implement an effective Instagram hashtag strategy that grows your engagement and boosts the effectiveness of your Instagram marketing campaigns!



Social media marketing tips and tricks from experts at Later

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Templates and worksheets to keep handy

  • Free Instagram Reels Planner (opens a new tab)

    From curating content pillars to drafting the details, this worksheet is exactly what you need to up your Reels game.

    Google Slides Template

  • Free Instagram Image Size Infographic (opens a new tab)

    Find all the dimensions you need to create perfectly sized images and videos for Instagram.


  • Free Instagram Audit Checklist (opens a new tab)

    Ready to level up on Instagram? Download our Instagram Audit Checklist to unlock more growth opportunities and enhance your performance.


  • Social Media Holidays Calendar 2022 (opens a new tab)

    Keep your Instagram up-to-date and plan your content ahead of time with our free downloadable social media holidays calendar.


  • Free Instagram Stories Templates (opens a new tab)

    If you want people to stop, notice, and remember your stories and brand, using Instagram Stories templates are the perfect strategy.

    PDF, PSDs, PNGs, Fonts

  • Free Influencer Campaign Kit for Small Businesses (opens a new tab)

    Plan your next influencer campaign and find the right Instagram influencers to work with this year.

    PDF Worksheet

  • Free Instagram Stories Storyboarding Worksheet (opens a new tab)

    Download our free worksheet to start planning and scheduling Instagram Stories like the pros.

    PDF Worksheet

  • Free Instagram Overlay Stickers (opens a new tab)

    From hand-drawn doodles to colorful rainbows, Instagram overlay stickers can be used to add a bright pop of color, set a playful tone, and bring extra personality to your posts!


  • Free Influencer Media Kit Template (opens a new tab)

    When you're pitching to collaborate with brands, having a professional influencer media kit will help you stand out from the crowd. Download our free Photoshop template + how-to guide to get started!

    PDF Worksheet

  • Free Social Media Reporting Template (opens a new tab)

    Download our free Google Slide template to create your next monthly social media report and start showcasing your results.

    Google Slides Template

  • Plan the Perfect Product Launch on Social Media (opens a new tab)

    Promoting a new product on social media can involve a lot of moving parts. Download our handy checklist to get organized before your next launch!

    PDF Worksheet

  • Free Instagram Stories Holiday Template (opens a new tab)

    Download our free Instagram Stories holiday templates to build captivating stories that your followers won't want to miss!

    PDF, PSDs, PNGs, Fonts

  • Free Instagram Stories Template (opens a new tab)

    Create cohesive, on-brand Instagram Stories to reach more of your idea audience, get more followers, and make more sales.

    PDF, PSDs, PNGs, Fonts

  • Free Instagram Branding Worksheet (opens a new tab)

    Download our handy Social Media Style Guide Worksheet to learn how to craft a consistent brand strategy and show off your style on Instagram!

    PDF Worksheet

  • Free Instagram Stories Highlight Icons (opens a new tab)

    Create cohesive Instagram Stories highlights to show off your products, drive more traffic to your website, and make more sales.

    JPGs, PNGs, PSD

  • Free Holiday Marketing Campaign Checklist

    To help you stay organized this year, we put together a downloadable checklist to guide you through every step of your holiday marketing campaign!

    PDF Checklist

  • Free Instagram Bio Planning Worksheet (opens a new tab)

    Download our free Instagram Bio Planning worksheet & create a killer Instagram bio that will turn casual profiles visitors into new followers.

    JPGs, PNGs, PSD

Customer Stories

Real success stories from brands who use Later

  • MeUndies

    Learn how MeUndies uses Later to create a strong and continuous growing community of loyal fans through

    Customer Story

  • Artifact Uprising

    Discover how Artifact Uprising used Later to cultivate a dedicated audience of nearly 600k followers on Instagram.

    Customer Story

  • S'well Bottle

    Learn how S'well, one of the fastest growing women-owned companies in the country, used Later to grow their Instagram following by 48%.

    Customer Story

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