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New Instagram Course: Get Your Instagram Together in 30 Days!

Overwhelmed by Instagram?

We get it. Between taking and editing photos, curating content, writing captions, finding the best time to post, responding to comments, and trying to get more followers, using Instagram for business is… a lot.

With so many moving parts, Instagram marketing can feel a lot like juggling– and choosing to go in without a strategy can be a recipe for disaster.

To help you get organized for 2018,  we’ve put together a 4-week-long free Instagram course that will teach you how to get your Instagram together, once and for all!

No more feeling like you’re wasting time, no more scrambling for something to post at the last minute, and no more wondering if what you’re doing is actually working.

Ready to get organized? Get started now:


More Details About Our New Free Instagram Course:

Here’s how our free Instagram email course works:

Each week for the next 4 weeks, you’ll receive an email lesson to your inbox, which will take you step-by-step through the process of getting your business’ Instagram account set up for success.

We’re going to help you set clear goals, teach you stress-free ways to create and curate content regularly, and then show you how to analyze all of your data so that you’ll always know what to post in order to reach those marketing milestones!

You’re also going to learn how to create your very own Instagram workflow— so once the challenge is complete you’ll have an organized system in place to help you manage your day-to-day Instagram marketing, feeling focused and confident.  

The Get Your Instagram Together Challenge also includes a digital workbook, to help you stay on track while you tackle each week’s action items. Plus you can hang out with other participants and get support anytime from us inside of our Facebook group!

So now you have two choices.

Continue to post on Instagram without a plan, feeling stressed out and unsure if all of your effort is actually paying off.

Or learn to finally take control of your Instagram marketing with actionable tips and time-saving techniques that put you in the driver’s seat.

(We know which one we’d choose)

Ready to work smarter?

Sign up for the free Get Your Instagram Together Challenge!

Written By

Stephanie Gilbert

Stephanie Gilbert is the CEO of Small Talk Social, a boutique social media agency for lifestyle brands & the founder of CEO Yeah!, which provides IRL (in real life) adventures for online bosses. You can follow her on Instagram at @stephjgilbert


Her mission is to empower creative entrepreneurs to build a life + a business that they love– via online business mentorship + in-person retreats. Follow all of her adventures

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