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DRIVE TRAFFIC. BOOST SALES. Drive traffic from Instagram for free turns your Instagram posts into trackable, shoppable traffic drivers. And it comes with Later’s marketing must-haves — like seamless scheduling and a visual content planner.

Best of all, it’s free. Seriously.

Shoppable, custom by Later feed from Shop Boredd Instagram
Shoppable, custom by Later feed from Shop Boredd Instagram

More traffic. More clicks. More tools to make it yours.

What is is a mini web page built into your Instagram and TikTok profiles — making your content clickable and shoppable. Create your page, drop the link in your bio, and help followers discover more about you, your products, and your brand.

Rocket ship

Drive traffic from Instagram & TikTok to wherever you want. Like your website, e-commerce shop, or latest blog post.

Telescope Blocks help highlight your top content — so your followers can easily find your most important content, everytime.

A magnifying glass and a link symbol

Create a seamless experience. With just one link, followers can find exactly what they're looking for.

How does work?


Sign up for Later (it’s free) and design your unique Linkin.biopage.

Choose between a light and dark theme, curate your content, and then drop your new link into your Instagrambio.

Shop Boredd Adding a Custom Link in Bio URL on Instagram

Tag your posts with any URL. You can even tag previousposts.

Shop Boredd Tagging Tommy Shoes Product Page on their Feed

Your posts and their linked pages are automatically added to your 

Shop Boredd Feed Highlight Product Pages

Followers click the link in your Instagram bio and find the page, product, or article they’re lookingfor.

Burnt Orange Cap Product Shopping Page from Shop Boredd

Measure, optimize,repeat. by Later Analytics Feature Showing Total Clicks and Revenue

What brands are saying about

“The landing page is a copy of the account’s grid. This is a seamless experience for our users who are looking for more. We use the analytics to send reports back to section editors about what people are clicking through to.”

USA Today

USA Today

"We find that the feature helps our customers find what they're looking for faster and drives revenue like nothing we've tried in the past."

Gorila Fitness

Gorila Fitness

“ has easily been a game-changer for our Instagram strategy and social strategy as a whole since we can now promote multiple articles a day. Our Instagram traffic has increased 179% YoY large in part due to implementing the feature!"

Well + Good

Well + Good

Crush your social goals.
Again and again.

Pick the Later plan that works for you (and your biz) and watch the likes – and the sales – roll in. Available on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

The best tools, for every platform, right at your fingertips.