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Featured Banner

“Featured Banner” is a customizable banner that appears at the top of a by Later landing page.

What is a Featured Banner in by Later? by Later is a free link in bio tool that provides all of the links your followers need in one mini webpage; it also allows Instagram and TikTok users to create a clickable, shoppable feed in just a few clicks.

The featured banner is a feature that allows users to add a custom banner to the top of their landing page. This banner can be customized with text, images, and branding elements to align with the overall aesthetic and messaging of the Instagram or TikTok account.

Why do I need a Featured Banner?

The featured banner can be a powerful tool for businesses and individuals looking to showcase a specific promotion, product, or event and encourage followers to click through to the landing page to learn more or make a purchase. More traffic = more followers = more $$$.


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