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How Later’s Link in Bio Tool Works for Creators

Using a link in bio tool can make a huge difference in driving traffic and revenue for creators. Learn how creators can use by Later here.

What Are the Benefits of Using for Creators?

As a creator, you connect your audience to new products, brands, and experiences. Use Later’s to create these connections, and bring your followers to wherever your content is found online.

By guiding your Instagram and Tiktok audiences to check the link in your bio, you'll convert followers into customers, boost the reach of your content, promote partnerships, and more, all from one convenient hub.

In this guide, you'll learn how Later's can help you:

  • Grow your following by expanding your brand beyond your social profiles
  • Create more opportunities to monetize your content
  • Connect directly with your community through the collection of email addresses
  • Track reach and clicks (at no extra cost)

So head to the management page on either Later for Desktop or the Later mobile app and let's dive in!

Expand Your Brand

Incorporating into your social strategy, and customizing it to align with your brand's goals and aesthetic, creates a seamless experience for followers engaging with your content everywhere it lives online.

Let's learn how you can expand your brand with and use it to share your passions with a wider audience.

Designing Your Page

You've put a lot of work into building your brand. From your values, to tone and aesthetic, your followers know what to expect from your content.

Keep this consistency by fully customizing the look of your page. When you head to the Design tab on either your phone or computer, you'll find options to:

  • Pick a preset aesthetic theme
  • Choose a page and block color or background image
  • Select text font and color
  • Determine block shape, style, and shadow

Tip: If you have specific colors used across your brand, enter their hex codes when choosing your page and block colors.

For a personal touch, choose a profile pic, name, and bio for your page. To do this, go to the Blocks tab on either your phone or computer and:

  1. Pick Profile from the blocks menu
  2. Select Upload next to the profile photo icon and choose your image
  3. Enter a profile name
  4. Write a short bio
  5. Select Save Changes
Fresh Waves Co. updates their profile photo and bio with the Later mobile app.

Direct Traffic Anywhere Online

Help your audience discover more of your content with social links and buttons.

Adding the Social Links block to your page helps your followers find all of your online content.

To add links to all your social channels, go to the Blocks tab on either your phone or computer and:

  1. Select Social Links from the blocks menu
  2. Choose the social platform you'd like to add from the Social Platform dropdown menu
  3. Add your profile link or username
  4. Choose Add Another Social Link to continue adding all of your social profiles
  5. Once you've finished, select Save Changes

Buttons also make it super easy to direct traffic anywhere you want online. Have a new blog post? Promoting a particular product? Get your followers there with just one click of a button.

To add buttons to your page from either your phone or computer:

  1. Choose Buttons from the Blocks menu and select Add Button
  2. Enter the text you want to appear on your button
  3. Add a link to where you want the button to direct traffic
  4. Select Add Another Button to continue adding more buttons
  5. Once you've finished adding buttons, select Save Changes

Feature Your Most Important Links

What's your number one social media goal? Is it to monetize your content? Maybe you'd like to share your passions with a wider community? Whatever your purpose,'s feature blocks can help you shine a spotlight on your most important content.

Think of the Featured Banner block as your biggest and boldest button and use it to promote your highest value webpage. To add a Featured Banner from either your phone or computer:

  1. Select Featured Banner from the blocks menu
  2. Upload or choose an icon that will appear on your banner
  3. Enter your banner title and description
  4. Add the link and linked text
  5. Select Save Changes

Additionally, your Featured Media block is a perfect place to highlight your latest content. Here's how you can add one to your page from either your phone or computer:

  1. Choose Featured Media from the blocks menu
  2. From the dropdown menu, select your latest Instagram or TikTok post, or a YouTube video
  3. If adding a YouTube video, enter the link
  4. Select Save Changes

Monetize Your Content

The link in your bio is a powerful tool for converting followers into customers. Whether it's driving traffic to product pages, sponsored blog posts, or videos, selling through your socials has never been easier.

If you're looking to monetize your feed,'s got you covered. Let's get into it.

Adding Links to Posts

Welcome followers to your online store with linked social posts. Simply post a product, add a link to the product page, and tell your audience to check the link in your bio. See? Easy peasy!

And it doesn't have to just be product pages. Post a new recipe on the blog? Release a new video on YouTube? Add links to these webpages and more to share them with your audience.

To add a link to your TikTok and Instagram posts when scheduling on either your phone or computer:

  1. Create and build your post
  2. While in the post builder, select
  3. Enter the URL you'd like the post to link to
  4. Save and select Schedule Post

If you'd like to add a link to a previously published post, just head to the management page, select the post from the preview grid and enter the URL.

Tip: Do you know your best times to post on Instagram and TikTok? Later does! The Best Time to Post feature analyzes a wide variety of variables (like your unique follower demographics and industry data) to calculate the optimal posting times for your specific audience. When you schedule your linked social posts at these times, it increases the chance your link will be clicked by a curious customer. Learn more here.

Connect with Your Followers

Boost your subscriber base with's Mailchimp integration! A robust mailing list is handy for communicating directly with your followers, and provides a new way to promote your latest content.

When you add the Mailchimp block to your page, followers can sign up for your newsletter, promos, or marketing mailing lists straight from your social profile.

To start collecting email addresses, you'll need to connect your and Mailchimp accounts. To do this, head to the management page on either your phone or computer and:

  1. Choose Mailchimp from the blocks menu
  2. Select the Connect button next to the Mailchimp logo
  3. Log into your Mailchimp account
  4. Allow Later access to your Mailchimp account

Great! Now, to add the Mailchimp block to your page, within the Mailchimp block editor:

  1. Enter a Block Title and write a Block Description
  2. Select the Mailchimp audience you'd like addresses added to from the Audience dropdown
  3. Add a Form Title, Form Description, and Sign Up Button text
  4. Select Save Changes

Tip: While a description is not mandatory, it's a great tool for providing followers with more context as to why they should provide their email address. For example, if you are collecting emails for your newsletter mailing list, a description could be “Sign up and receive exclusive content every Thursday.”

Fresh Waves Co. can collect followers’ emails through their using the Mailchimp integration.

Measure & Share Your Social Success

Make content your audience is scientifically sure to love with Analytics. offers an accessible analytics package—at no extra cost. Discover what content is driving the most clicks and conversions, then share your findings with just one tap.

Block some time once a week to review your analytics. Spikes or dips in any of your metrics will show what content is helping (or hurting) your growth and engagement, so you can better plan content your audience enjoys.

Tip: New to analytics and not quite sure what any of these numbers mean? Check out Learn With Later's free course, All About Analytics. In just 15 minutes, you'll understand the difference between discovery, action, and conversion metrics and how they can help you reach your goals faster.

To access Analytics within Later for Desktop:

  1. Select Analytics from the side menu
  2. Choose your Instagram profile from the dropdown menu at the top of the page
  3. Open the Analytics tab

From here, you will see Interactions and Page Views by Location data. This overview will reveal how successfully your has driven traffic over a determined period of time (up to one year, depending on your Later plan). Here, you'll see a breakdown of:

  • Page views
  • Button and post clicks
  • Click-through percentage
  • Top performing countries and cities
The number of post clicks are found under Instagram Analytics Post Performance tab within Later for Desktop.

To check how your individual Instagram posts are performing, head to the Instagram Post Performance tab. Under the column, you'll see the total number of clicks each of your posts have received.

TikTok post performance can be found within the management page. Just select any linked TikTok post from your preview feed, and the number of clicks will appear under Performance in the left hand sidebar.

The number of button clicks are found within the blocks menu on the management page.

The management page also provides the number of clicks on each of your social links and buttons, as well as your featured banner and mailchimp block.

To share your stats with your team or creative partners, simply select the Export CSV button to the top right of any chart.

Next Steps

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