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Drive Traffic & Track Revenue from Instagram with Linkin.bio

Your Instagram link in bio is prime real estate when it comes to driving traffic (and revenue!) from the app.

With this in mind, it’s a good idea to use a link in bio tool to maximize your linking opportunities.

Linkin.bio by Later allows you to create a landing page with multiple buttons and a fully clickable version of your Instagram feed — that you can pop straight in your Instagram link in bio.

It’s like a mini website, especially for your Instagram account.

Generating over 70M page views every month (and counting), Linkin.bio plays a huge role in the growth of many businesses.

And the best news? Linkin.bio by Later‘s core features are free for all users — no credit card details required.


An Overview of Linkin.bio by Later’s Key Features

Here are five key Linkin.bio features you can use to expedite your growth:

  1. Linkin.bio Linked Posts
  2. Linkin.bio Customizable Buttons
  3. Linkin.bio Featured Media
  4. Linkin.bio Shopify Integration
  5. Linkin.bio Analytics

Linkin.bio Feature #1: Linked Posts

This original Linkin.bio feature allows you to create a fully clickable version of your Instagram feed.

You can use these links to drive traffic on a post-per-post basis, so you can use your caption call-to-actions to their full potential.

Plus, you can quickly and easily add a new Linkin.bio linked post every time you schedule an Instagram post with Later. It literally takes two taps.

NOTE: All Later users can add a single URL to their Linkin.bio linked posts. Upgrade to Linkin.bio Standard (available on Growth and Advanced plans) to add up to five URLs per post. 

Linkin.bio Feature #2: Customizable Link Buttons 

Your Linkin.bio page now includes the option to add multiple link buttons.

With them, you can keep important links at the top, so they’re super easy to find and click.

Instagram link in bio

You can use them to list your website, contact page, a new collection, a contest — anything you know you’d want to drive traffic to again and again and again.

NOTE: All Later users can add as many link buttons to their Linkin.bio page as they need. Upgrade to a new paid plan to customize link button colors and fonts.


Linkin.bio Feature #3: Featured Media

Linkin.bio’s Featured Media sits at the top of your page below your customizable buttons. 

Think of it as your hero image — it’s larger, draws attention, and is more likely to be clicked on. 

Instagram link in bio

If you turn this feature on, your most recent post will automatically become the Featured Media — giving it an additional boost. 

It’s a visual indicator that puts your latest Instagram post on full display. Making it that much easier for followers to find your most recent product launch, blog post, or campaign!

NOTE: Featured Media is available on all Later plans (including Free).

Linkin.bio Feature #4: Product Tagging via Shopify

If you have a Shopify store, you can tag up to five products directly in your Linkin.bio feed posts. 

This will create a faster and more streamlined checkout experience for your community: 

​​It also lets you get better visibility into what posts are driving product sales for your business.

You can use Later’s Linkin.bio management page to track your revenue — making it easy to measure exactly how much revenue each Instagram post generates.

NOTE: Linkin.bio’s Shopify integration is a Linkin.bio Standard feature (available on Growth and Advanced plans).

Linkin.bio Feature #5: Analytics

​​Measuring ROI from Instagram can be hard work.

But with Linkin.bio Analytics, you can track every click your Linkin.bio page generates. 

Plus, if you’re using Linkin.bio’s Shopify integration, you can even track how many sales each individual post generates!

NOTE: Analytics is available on all Later plans (including Free). 

If you’re looking to drive more traffic from Instagram, Linkin.bio by Later is one of the most powerful tools to help you achieve your goals.

Make the most of your Instagram link in bio with Linkin.bio by Later — get started today, for free!


Written By

Amanda Demeku

Amanda is a Content Marketer at Later based in Toronto. When she’s not busy writing you can catch her playing tennis or sipping all the pop-culture tea. Say hi on Instagram — @amandademeku

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