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Drive Traffic & Track Revenue from Instagram with Linkin.bio

Looking for a better way to drive traffic and track revenue from Instagram?

Link in bio by Later is an Instagram tool that helps your followers find the exact URL they’re looking for from your feed, like a specific product page or newsworthy article.

Now you can better understand what content is driving the most traffic, and with new features like product tagging and sales tracking, you’ll be able to measure exactly how much revenue you’re getting from Instagram!

Grow Your Business with Linkin.bio by Later

Here at Later, we want to make it easier to grow your business with social media. Since Instagram has limited your ability to link out to your website, driving traffic from Instagram is a challenge for many businesses.

Almost 3 years ago, we first released Linkin.bio by Later to make it easier for brands to turn followers into readers and customers. At the time, there were no “swipe-up” links in stories, and the only way to turn followers into customers was through a link in bio.

Linkinbio Demo

As Instagram has evolved, so has Linkin.bio, and we are excited to announce significant improvements to help you get more visits, measure clicks, make sales, and track revenue from Instagram.

With our new Shopify integration, you can easily connect your store to Later and tag your products in Linkin.bio posts!

Shopify stores will be able to know exactly how much revenue each Instagram post generated through the link in your bio, a major help to businesses wanting to measure ROI from Instagram.

Linkin.bio by Later is loved by over 30,000 businesses, making it one of the most popular tools to generate traffic and sales from Instagram. Starting at just $19/month, Linkin.bio is accessible to all businesses on Instagram, whether you’re marketing your side hustle or driving thousands of page views like the Washington Post.

Drive More Traffic from Instagram with Linkin.bio

Want to get more traffic from Instagram?

Linkin.bio by Later helps your followers find exactly what they’re looking for from your Instagram feed. Whether you’re sharing a link to your latest blog post, editorial content, or a new product line, Linkin.bio makes it easy to link individual Instagram posts to any URL.

Publishers are loving how Linkin.bio makes their jobs easier. Brands like USA Today, Washington Post, High Snobiety, and Complex are all using Linkin.bio to track their traffic from Instagram.

“Linkin.bio by Later is an easy way to provide a seamless experience for followers who may see a photo or video from us in their feeds and want to dig deeper into the content,” remarks Alex Ptachick, audience editor of emerging platforms at USA Today.

You can also track traffic from Instagram with Linkin.bio analytics, which gives you detailed data about clicks, page views, and CTR from the link in your bio. You can also track your Instagram traffic right in Google Analytics as Linkin.bio will automatically add UTM parameters to each link and post. 

“We use Linkin.bio analytics to send reports back to section editors about what content people are clicking through to, and we use Linkin.bio on all eight of our USA TODAY brand Instagram accounts,” explains Ptachick.

If you’re posting to Instagram multiple times a day, it’s not realistic to constantly change the link in your Instagram bio. And with Instagram’s algorithm, you want to ensure that your followers are able to find links for every Instagram post, not just your most recent one.

You can also now add multiple links to each Linkin.bio post, meaning that you can give your followers multiple options to choose from while they’re scrolling through your feed.

But don’t take our word for it: the Insta-popular lifestyle publication Well + Good has seen huge success using Linkin.bio to drive traffic back to their website.

“Linkin.bio by Later has been a game-changer for our Instagram strategy since we can now promote multiple articles a day,” explains Hannah Weintraub, social media manager.

Our traffic has increased 179% YoY, largely in part to implementing Linkin.bio,” says Well+Good.

Ready to drive and track your traffic from Instagram? Learn more about how Linkin.bio works in this video and upgrade to a Later business plan today! 



Make Sales from Instagram with Linkin.bio

Measuring ROI from Instagram is a major challenge for any business, especially when it comes to the mobile shopping experience.

70% of shopping enthusiasts turn to Instagram to discover new products, and Instagram users today now have multiple options for shopping: they can shop through links in stories, through native Instagram shopping posts, and through the link in your Instagram bio.

With 90 million Instagram accounts tapping on a product tag on Instagram each month, we are excited that you can now tag products in Linkin.bio posts too!

With Later’s new Shopify integration, it’s easy to connect your store and import your product catalog to your Later dashboard.

Shopify stores using Linkin.bio will also be able to track sales from Instagram and see exactly how much revenue each post generated through the link in your bio.

By connecting your Instagram directly to your sales provider, you provide a faster check-out experience and get better visibility into what is driving your sales.

You can track revenue from your Linkin.bio management page, or view your revenue per post alongside your Instagram analytics in Later.

View our help guide to learn more about how to connect your Shopify store to Later.

Not using Shopify? No problem. You can still add multiple links to each Instagram post and link your followers to product pages using Linkin.bio, so your followers can find the exact product they’re looking for from a few posts back in your feed.

Remember: it’s not just about your most recent Instagram post. Think of your Instagram feed like a catalog or magazine: Instagram shoppers love to scroll through your feed just like they would flip pages. When something catches their eye, they want to be able to find it (and buy it) easily.

Linkin.bio helps turn your followers into customers by sending them to the exact product page where they can purchase your product.

Whether you’re a small business hoping to reach new customers, or an established brand looking to leverage your existing audience, Linkin.bio by Later is an effective tool to turn your Instagram followers into readers and customers.


Written By

Matt Smith

Matt has founded a few startups and is also one of the founders at Later where he leads the marketing, growth and customer experience. In previous companies he’s led product, engineering & growth teams. You can follow @mattfromlater on Instagram or Twitter

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