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How to Use Linkin.bio

Learn how to use Linkin.bio and track performance in just a few steps.


Design a mini webpage for your social profiles with Linkin.bio (no coding required)! By making your content clickable, Linkin.bio helps you to increase engagement and convert your followers into customers, subscribers, and more.

In this guide, you'll learn how to:

  • Set up and customize your Linkin.bio page
  • Use key Linkin.bio features
  • Drive traffic with buttons and links
  • Add your Linkin.bio to your Instagram and TikTok profiles
  • Measure the success of your social strategy with analytics

Let's get started!

Linkin.bio Setup

Before you start using Linkin.bio, you need to enable the page and set it up to suit your needs.

If it's your first time accessing Linkin.bio, you'll follow these steps in Later for Desktop:

  1. Choose Linkin.bio from the side menu
  2. Ensure you are connecting your intended Instagram profile
  3. Add a username for your Linkin.bio page (this will form your Linkin.bio URL)
  4. Select Get Started

The Blocks Menu

An overview of Fresh Waves Co's Linkin.bio management page, displaying the Blocks menu.

When you land on the Linkin.bio management page, you'll see a preview of your Linkin.bio beside a series of feature blocks. When setting up your Linkin.bio, you can use these blocks to include and customize any of the following:

  • Profile: Use this block to add a custom profile photo, name, and bio.
  • Social Links: Connect your audience to your different social platforms by adding them here.
  • Featured Banner: Carve a space to highlight your most important link at the top of your page.
  • Mailchimp: Collect your followers' email addresses to connect with, and grow, your audience.
  • Buttons: Create buttons to drive traffic to your website, online store, or any other web page.
  • Featured Media: Display your latest linked social post or a YouTube video.
  • Linked Social Posts: Use this block to manage your Instagram and TikTok profile connections and to add links to your posts. Any linked post from Instagram or TikTok will automatically appear on your Linkin.bio page.

Connecting Your TikTok Profile

Depending on your plan, you can also add a TikTok profile to your Linkin.bio page. Here's how:

  1. Connect your TikTok profile within the same Social Set as your connected Instagram profile
  2. Choose Linkin.bio from the side menu
  3. Select Linked Social Posts from the blocks menu
  4. Select Add next to your TikTok account

You will now see Instagram and TikTok headings at the top of your preview grid. Toggle between them to manage linked and unlinked posts from each profile.

A screenshot of the Linkin.bio preview grid with both the Instagram and TikTok views labeled.

Note: We recommend using a TikTok Business Account so that you can take advantage of features like Auto-Publish and TikTok Analytics. TikTok Business Accounts with more than 1,000 followers can also link directly to their Linkin.bio page from their bio.

Once you have connected both your Instagram and TikTok profiles and added your chosen blocks, your Linkin.bio page will look something like this:

A screenshot of The Wellness Shop's fully set up Linkin.bio page with all blocks labeled.

Match Your Linkin.bio Page to Your Brand's Aesthetic

Linkin.bio allows you to fully customize the appearance of your Linkin.bio page to match your brand. Within the Design tab, you'll have access to pre-made themes, and, depending on your plan, you'll have the opportunity to customize the following elements of your Linkin.bio page:

  • Background color
  • Button color, style, & shape
  • Text & icon color
  • Font type
Fresh Waves Co changes the colors and style of their Linkin.bio page to match their brand.

Customize Your Page

You can access the Page section through the Linkin.bio Design tab. Here, you'll be able to change your Linkin.bio page background color, text and icon color, and font.

To customize your Linkin.bio background color:

  1. Click the Background Color field
  2. Select one of the pre-set colors, or enter your custom hex code

To customize your text and icon color:

  1. Click the Text and Icon Color field
  2. Toggle to the color of your choice

To customize the font for your Linkin.bio page:

  1. Click the Font field
  2. Scroll through and select a font

Remember to click Save Changes once you've finished customizing your Linkin.bio page.

Customize Your Block Design

You can also access the Buttons section through the Linkin.bio Design tab. Here, you'll be able to customize your buttons' aesthetic, from background and text color to shape, shadows, and style.

Similar to customizing your Linkin.bio background color, to customize button colors, just click the button color customization field. Here, you can select one of the pre-set colors or enter your custom hex code in the Enter hex code field.

To customize your text color:

  1. Click the Text Color customization field
  2. Toggle to the color of your choice

To customize the shape of your buttons:

  1. Select the Shape customization field
  2. Select the shape of your choice

To customize the style of your buttons:

  1. Select the Style customization field
  2. Select the style that matches your branding

To add shadows to your buttons:

  1. Click the Shadow customization field
  2. Toggle to your preferred shadow style

Click Save Changes once you've finished making your adjustments.

Drive Traffic

The Buttons block helps you drive traffic from social media to wherever matters most to your business: a website, blog, online store, or any other web page. Here's how to add them:

  1. Click Add or Edit next to Buttons
  2. Enter your button text
  3. Enter the link the button should go to
  4. Click Save Changes

You can also:

  • Click Add Another Button to add another button
  • Toggle buttons on and off by clicking the Show toggle
  • Change the button order by dragging-and-dropping the button in the buttons editor
  • Customize the background and text color of your buttons, as well as their shape, style, and shadow
Fresh Waves Co adds a button labeled Meet the Team to their Linkin.bio page.

Tip: Simplify your Linkin.bio page with Button Groups. Use this feature to save space on your page and create a button header that, when clicked, reveals a collection of related buttons ready to direct your followers anywhere you want online.

Add Social Posts to Linkin.bio

Add links to Instagram and TikTok posts in Later to have them shown on your Linkin.bio page. Your followers can then click the post to be taken directly to any URL you choose. Adding links to your Instagram and TikTok posts in Later can help you easily direct traffic from posts to important web pages, especially when you use a strong call to action in your post caption!

This is how your Linkin.bio preview grid displays:

Hiking Tale's Linkin.bio preview grid displays linked images in color and unlinked images in grayscale.

You can add links to posts scheduled through Later or published directly through Instagram or TikTok. To add a link to a post while scheduling through Later for Desktop:

  1. Create a new post
  2. Within the Post Builder, under MORE OPTIONS, select Add Linkin.bio
  3. Add your URL
  4. Click Save

To add a link to a post published directly through Instagram or TikTok:

  1. In Later for Desktop, select Linkin.bio from the side menu
  2. Choose either the Instagram or TikTok heading from the top of your preview grid
  3. From that profile's preview grid, select any post that you'd like to link
  4. In the Linkin.bio field, enter your URL
  5. Click Save Changes
Fresh Waves Co selects an image from their Linkin.bio preview grid and adds a link.

Depending on your plan, you can add multiple links to Instagram posts by selecting MORE LINK OPTIONS next to the Linkin.bio field.

Later Mobile App

Need to link a post on the go? Add links to posts while scheduling through the Later mobile app!

  1. Head to the Schedule tab and create a new post
  2. Within the post builder, look under More Options
  3. Select Linkin.bio and enter your chosen URL
  4. Hit Save

You can also add links to Instagram posts previously published through Later. Here's how:

  1. First, from the Schedule tab, select the post you'd like to add a link to
  2. Under More Options, tap Linkin.bio
  3. Enter your chosen and hit Save

Add Your Linkin.bio URL to Your Bio

Add your Linkin.bio page link to your Instagram and TikTok bio so your audience can explore your Linkin.bio page directly from your profile.

To add your Linkin.bio URL to your Instagram profile:

  1. Click the Copy button beside Your Link on your Linkin.bio management page
  2. Select Add to Social Profile, then Add to Instagram Profile
  3. Click Go to Instagram Profile
    1. This action will open your Instagram profile. Make sure that you are logged into the correct Instagram account.
  4. In the Website field, paste your Linkin.bio link
  5. Click Submit to save your changes

Note: If you already have a website link on your Instagram or TikTok profile page, replace it with your Linkin.bio link. Remember, you can add buttons to your Linkin.bio page to redirect your audience to your website or other pages.

The following image is an example of where your Linkin.bio URL will appear on your Instagram:

An arrow labeled 'Linkin.bio link' points to the website field of the Hiking Tale Instagram bio, and URL is: linkin.bio/hikingtale

If you have a TikTok Business Account with over 1,000 followers, you can direct visitors to your Linkin.bio page straight from your TikTok profile with a clickable link. Simply open the TikTok mobile app, tap Edit Profile, and paste your Linkin.bio page URL into the website field.

The following image is an example of where your Linkin.bio URL will appear on your TikTok:

Hiking Tale's Linkin.bio page link is displayed within the bio of their TikTok profile.

When you add a call to action to your post captions for users to click the link in your bio, you can drive your followers to the most important parts of your business to help you grow.

Measure Linkin.bio Success

Measure clicks and conversions to determine how your Linkin.bio posts are performing with Later's built-in Linkin.bio Analytics.

When you use Linkin.bio, you want to pay close attention to your engagement analytics. You can track various engagement analytics through the Linkin.bio tab and the Analytics tab when using Later on your computer.

Within the Linkin.bio tab, you can access the following metrics to better understand the performance of your buttons and social links:

  • Social Link Analytics
  • Button Analytics
  • Instagram Post Clicks

Through the Analytics tab, you can tracks these engagement metrics:

  • Linkin.bio Page Views
  • Linkin.bio Button Clicks
  • Instagram Post Clicks
  • Click-Through Rate

To learn more about sales performance from Linkin.bio, enable Later's Google Analytics UTM Tracking.

The following image displays Later's Google Analytics UTM Tracking dashboard:

Hiking Tale Google Analytics UTM Tracking dashboard for all campaigns.

Note: If you're already adding your own UTM parameters to links, don't enable Later's UTM tracking as this will interfere with the tracking.

You can enable Later's UTM tracking from Later on web when you:

  1. Click Settings from your Linkin.bio management page
  2. Navigate to UTM Tracking for Google Analytics
  3. Click the Enable UTM Tracking button

Note: By default, Later enables UTM Tracking. To disable UTM Tracking, toggle the Enable UTM Tracking button.

Next Steps

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