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How to Drive Traffic and Readership With Linkin.bio

Learn how to use Linkin.bio to increase website traffic and encourage return readership.

Drive Traffic and Readership With Linkin.bio

Linkin.bio turns your social feed into a clickable, customizable landing page. With it, your audience can click through posts and buttons to articles, reports, or any other webpage you want to send traffic to.

While Instagram and TikTok limit you to only one link per profile, Linkin.bio lets you link out to multiple URLs so that your social media feed always reflects the pace of your publishing cycle.

When you consistently link quality content with Linkin.bio, your audience will start anticipating similar, engaging posts. This means that you’ll have the power to create a loyal social media following that looks forward to your content.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to use Linkin.bio to increase website traffic and encourage return readership.

TIP: Check out how other brands use Linkin.bio here under “Following”.

Linkin.bio Setup

Linkin.bio is easy to enable and customize from start to finish.

Before you launch your Linkin.bio page, identify your overarching social media objectives. Defining your objectives will help you decide what buttons to include, and what call to action you want to highlight on your Featured Banner.

For example, if your objective is to showcase emerging stories, you can create a button with the following text: “Breaking News.” Next, you can link to a breaking news landing page.

Linkin.bio is a powerful tool for driving newsletter registration, too—you can use a button to direct your audience to the signup form right from your social profile and collect email addresses with the Mailchimp integration.

To enable Linkin.bio from Later on your computer, follow these steps:

  1. Click Linkin.bio in the side menu
  2. Choose a username for your Linkin.bio page, which will form your Linkin.bio URL
  3. Click Get Started

Now you’re ready to start adding links directly to your Instagram posts.

Depending on your plan, you can also add a TikTok profile to your Linkin.bio page. Here’s how:

  1. Connect your TikTok profile within the same Social Set as your connected Instagram profile
  2. Select Linkin.bio from the side menu
  3. From the blocks menu, select Linked Social Posts
  4. Select Add next to your TikTok account

You will now see Instagram and TikTok headings at the top of your preview grid. Toggle between them to manage linked and unlinked posts from each profile.

TIP: When it comes to your brand, consistency is key. Learn how to customize your Linkin.bio landing page to match your brand’s aesthetic here.

Add Linkin.bio to Your Instagram and TikTok Bio

Adding Linkin.bio to your Instagram and TikTok profiles makes your page discoverable to anyone who clicks the link.

To add your Linkin.bio URL to your Instagram profile:

  1. On your Linkin.bio management page, click the Copy button beside Your Link
  2. Click Add to Social Profile, then Add to Instagram Profile
  3. Click Go to Instagram Profile
    1. This action will open your Instagram profile. Make sure that you are logged into the correct Instagram account.
  4. Log in to Instagram if you’re not already logged in
  5. In the Website field, paste your Linkin.bio link
  6. Click Submit to save your changes

Your Linkin.bio link will display on your Instagram profile like this:

An arrow labeled ‘Linkin.bio link’ points to the website field of the Hiking Tale Instagram bio, and URL is: linkin.bio/hikingtale

If you have a TikTok Business Account with over 1,000 followers, you can direct visitors to your Linkin.bio page straight from your TikTok profile with a clickable link. Simply open the TikTok mobile app, tap Edit Profile, and paste your Linkin.bio page URL into the website field.

The following image is an example of where your Linkin.bio URL will appear on your TikTok:

Note: If you already have a website link on your Instagram or TikTok profile page, replace it with your Linkin.bio link. Remember, you can add buttons to your Linkin.bio page to redirect your audience to your website or other pages.

Congratulations—your Linkin.bio is live! Now, anyone visiting your Instagram and TikTok profiles will be able to check out your Linkin.bio page.

Drive Engagement and Increase Readership

You’ll want to direct your audience to your Linkin.bio page for more active engagement and increased readership. To drive traffic to content through Linkin.bio, start by telling your audience where to look.

There are two main ways to direct your audience towards your Linkin.bio:

  • Mention Linkin.bio in post captions
  • Respond to comments with directions for Linkin.bio

TIP: It’s best practice to mention Linkin.bio in the caption of every post that is linked.

How you decide to mention Linkin.bio in captions or comments is up to you. What’s most important is to keep it consistent and on-brand. When in doubt, opt for a simple, “Learn more at the link in bio.”

Measure Linkin.bio Success

An essential piece of every social media strategy is assessing outcomes. Linkin.bio comes with built-in analytics tools that measure clicks and conversions. You can track select engagement analytics through the Linkin.bio tab and the Analytics tab within Later on your computer.

Linkin.bio Click Analytics

In the Linkin.bio tab in Later on your computer, you can access Linkin.bio Click Analytics. When you incorporate Linkin.bio Click Analytics in your social strategy, you can better understand the performance of your Linkin.bio Buttons and Social Links.

Here’s how to access your Button Analytics:

  1. Navigate to your Linkin.bio tab from the side menu
  2. Select the Buttons Block

In this section, you’ll see a breakdown of the number of times that each button is clicked from the time that you create them. You can use this information to better analyze where your social strategy is leading the greatest amount of traffic.

Here’s how to access your Social Links Analytics:

  1. Navigate to your Linkin.bio tab from the side menu
  2. Select the Social Links Block

Here, you’ll see a breakdown of the number of times that your audience clicked each social platform from the time that you created the social links. You can use this information to track which social platforms your audiences gravitate to next, and adjust your social strategy accordingly.

Later Linkin.bio Analytics

Through the Linkin.bio Analytics tab under Analytics, you can track the following engagement metrics:

  • Linkin.bio Page Views
  • Linkin.bio Button Clicks
  • Post Clicks
  • Click-Through Rate
  • Linkin.bio Page Views by Location

Keep reading to learn more about what you can do with each metric.

Linkin.bio Page Views

Page views track the number of times your Linkin.bio landing page was viewed.

When you use Linkin.bio to encourage readers, page views can show you which locations have high levels of engagement with your content.

Button Clicks

Here is another way that you can access your Button Clicks data. In this section, you can see how many times your buttons have been clicked collectively over a period of time. This will indicate how successful your call to actions have been in driving traffic from your social profiles to your prioritized URLs.

Post Clicks

Post Clicks track the total number of clicks on your linked posts. This metric informs you of how frequently your audience is looking at your Linkin.bio posts.

Compared to how many Linkin.bio posts you publish, this metric explains if:

  • Your call to actions are clear and working
  • Linked content is drawing in an audience
  • Your Linkin.bio strategy is cohesive

Click-Through Rate

Click Through Rate (also known as the click-through %) calculates the percentage of clicks on your Linkin.bio page compared with your Linkin.bio page views. This metric informs you of the percentage of people who go to your Linkin.bio that actually click through to a linked product or service.

Track Clicks Per Post

To understand what content your audience responds to best, analyze how many clicks each Linkin.bio post has. This information can help you develop stronger content formats, more engaging content topics, or even call to actions.

You can access this metric through the Post Performance tab of the Analytics page.

Note: Take note of which posts your audience engages with and if there are any trends. With this information, you can deliver finely tuned social content that drives traffic or run tests for new content types.

For example, you notice posts that use quotes receive more clicks than posts with images. This gives you the opportunity to use quotes more often, and drive higher readership from more click-throughs.

TIP: Clicks Per Post can also be viewed when you select any linked post from your Linkin.bio preview grid.

Learn more about creating click-worthy content with this video from Latercon.

Linkin.bio Page Views by Location

Linkin.bio Page Views by Location shows you where your Linkin.bio page has been viewed most often. By displaying this data across a world map, you’ll see at a glance which countries and continents your social strategy is resonating in most.

This information can tell you which geographic demographic you may want to aim your next marketing campaign or, like with Page Views, it can show you how strong your call to actions are.

Next Steps

Linkin.bio is just one Later tool that boosts traffic. Learn more about features that drive readership, widen your audience, and automate marketing efforts.

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