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Ratings & Reviews: The Influencer Marketing Guide

Learn the importance of ratings and reviews in your influencer strategy.

Free ratings and reviews influencer marketing guide

Packaged Snack Bar Brand

How a snack bar brand used Later to reach new audiences & drive engagement at scale.

Packaged Snack Bar Brand thumbnail

American Greetings

How American Greetings & Later Influence™ built a powerful influencer marketing program.

American Greetings thumbnail


How Trident worked with Later to leverage micro- and macro-influencers across TikTok and Instagram.

Trident thumbnail


How Rosefield’s influencer marketing strategy, powered by Later, drove 167% ROAS across 7 global markets.

Rosefield thumbnail

Palermo’s Pizza

How Urban Pie & Screamin’ Sicilian leveraged Later to activate TikTok & Instagram creators for #NationalPizzaMonth.

Palermo’s Pizza thumbnail

bok x Zumiez

How Later powered Reebok & Zumiez’s first co-collaboration and drove almost 1 million impressions.

bok x Zumiez thumbnail

Ste Michelle Wine Estates

How Ste Michelle Wine Estates scaled social proof with Later to drive cost savings.

Ste Michelle Wine Estates thumbnail

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Spectrum Brands

How Spectrum Brands and Later activated 4 pet brands for a Holly Jolly holiday campaign.

Spectrum Brands thumbnail

Magnetic Creative

How Later transformed one agency’s influencer marketing process into a streamlined powerhouse.

Magnetic Creative thumbnail


How Opendoor and Later exceeded industry benchmarks and improved brand awareness through creators.

Opendoor thumbnail

Men’s Wearhouse

How Men’s Wearhouse partnered with Later to activate creators for an Instagram prom campaign.

Men’s Wearhouse thumbnail

Premier Protein

How Later & Premier Protein activated creators on TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube for a fall campaign.

Premier Protein thumbnail


How KiwiCo leveraged Later Influence to find authentic creators for its latest brand campaign.

KiwiCo thumbnail

Changing the game

To kick things off, Kwame & Scott chat all things influencer marketing.

Beyond Influence Kwame Appiah + Scott Sutton

Free Guide to Growing Conversions with Influencer Marketing

Learn how to partner with influencers to drive conversions.

Free paid media and influencer marketing guide

Get the best social media marketing tools in one app

Create, edit, and share social media content faster with Later!