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How to Make a Custom GIF to Use on Instagram - An Easy Guide

Custom GIFs can improve engagement from your audience, bring in new followers, and teach people about your brand. Check out the video below to learn how easy it is to make a gif to post on your Instagram stories.

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Have you ever wondered how brands and creators create fun Instagram Stories GIFs like these?

Well, in this video, I'll be showing you exactly how to do it, all with just a few free websites and your phone camera.

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Instagram Captions for Best Friends

  • Two peas in a pod

  • Friends that slay together, stay together

  • Happiness is having a best friend like you

  • Cheers to the best friendship out there

  • Travel buddy

  • Friends become family

  • Chosen family

  • No one gets me like you do

  • Life’s better when we’re laughing together

  • You’re the Betty to my Veronica

  • Rain or shine

  • Partner in crime

  • Side by side for life

  • We finish each other’s sandwiches

  • We go together like peanut butter and jelly

  • Life is better with friends

  • Inside jokes with you >

  • BFF

  • Best friends are the best therapy

  • You’ve got a *best* friend in me

Instagram Captions for Family

  • Family time is the best time

  • Together, we can conquer anything 

  • Family is everything 

  • Family is where life begins and love never ends 

  • Keep the real ones close

  • Just a simple, happy family

  • Homebodies

  • My circus

  • The perfect combo of chaos and love

  • Always better together

  • Crazy. Loud. Love.

  • Family fun day

  • Home sweet home

  • Made with love

  • This is us

  • Welcome to our family

  • Always there for each other

  • Happiness is homemade

  • Family is family

  • Love is the main ingredient 

Instagram Captions for Friendship

  • Kind people are my kinda people 

  • Daily dose of inspiration 

  • Smiles every day

  • This is my happy place

  • Friends are family we choose for ourselves

  • Grateful

  • You’re the key that unlocks the best adventures

  • Memories for a lifetime

  • Everyone crosses paths for a reason

  • Thanks for being in my life

  • I’m so lucky

  • The world is ours

  • Not sold separately

  • This group = all I need

  • Friends don’t let friends do stupid things alone

  • Quick reminder that I love my best friends

  • You bring out the best in me

  • These are my people 

  • How can I not smile when I’m with these people?

  • Friends forever – no exceptions

Instagram Captions for Babies

  • We made a wish and you came true

  • Dream big, little one

  • Twinkle twinkle little star, do you know how loved you are?

  • Such a big miracle in such a small person

  • Home s where my baby is

  • Hello, I’m new here!

  • Favorite reason to lose sleep

  • Best job ever

  • Tiny hands, big dreams

  • You fill my heart with joy 

  • In awe of you

  • You make every day an adventure

  • Forever grateful

  • Pure love in its simplest form

  • Love at first sight 

  • Bundle of joy

  • Small but mighty

  • You are my sunshine

  • Little lands, lots of love

  • The cuddle is real

Step #5: Find your GIF on Instagram Stories

It usually takes a few hours for your Giphy to upload to the system and become searchable, so be patient. Take your dog out for a walk, put some cucumbers on your eyes, take a nap, you know, whatever feels right. Then, check back later in the day to officially use it. 

Once it's uploaded, you'll be able to open Instagram and find your GIF. See, it's right there when I search Later Media and if you want to level up the design of your Instagram Stories, we've got some gorgeous templates we created in partnership with Storyluxe that are totally free. We'll link them in the description below, as well as a few blogs to help you increase your engagement and views across your Stories.

If you enjoyed this video, don't forget to hit "Like" and "Subscribe". Thanks so much for watching, and let us know what tutorial you want to see next in the comments below. See you later.

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