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How to Make Money as a Content Creator on Instagram

Whether you're hoping to monetize your content, partner with brands, or integrate more affiliate marketing into your content, here are 3 easy ways to start making money as a content creator on Instagram and cash in on your content.

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In case you missed it, you don't need to be a famous face or have millions of followers to make money on Instagram. 

Yep, you heard that right. In fact, thanks to the booming creator economy, which is estimated to be a cool $1 billion industry, it's never been a more lucrative time to be a content creator. Can you say cha-ching? You're gonna want to stick around, because today we're sharing three ways to monetize your Instagram.

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Idea #1: Partner with brands

Step one to cashing in on your content is to partner with brands. One of the most effective and easiest ways to get on a brand's radar is to send them a pitch, email, or direct message on Instagram. If you're going the DM route, we suggest using this mode to find out who the right email point of contact is. Keep in mind that brands don't want long pitches via DMs, so it's best to keep these short and sweet. Use DMs to ask if they're currently working with influencers, and if so, who you should reach out to via email.

Once you've snagged the correct email address, here's what you'll want to include in your initial message to get the ball rolling. First, make sure to introduce yourself. From there, ask about any upcoming collaboration opportunities, summarize your experience and audience demographics, and provide a media kit if you have one. It can also be worthwhile to provide two or three content ideas for them to consider. That way, they can visualize the partnership. Plus, it'll show them that you understand how to position their products or services with your audience. Then you just have to sit back and watch the checks clear.

Idea #2: Embrace affiliate marketing

Another way to add funds to the bank account? Embrace affiliate marketing. But wait, rewind... What is affiliate marketing? Essentially, affiliate marketing lets you earn a commission on the clicks or sales you drive on behalf of a brand. So while affiliate marketing isn't a get-rich-quick scheme, it can be highly lucrative and add another stream of income for you.

One way to get started with affiliate marketing is through affiliate programs like RewardStyle or Amazon Associates. You'll simply usea unique tracking link - aka an affiliate link - to track traffic and see how many followers you're turning into leads or customers. So, if you already share shoppable content and are a trusted source of inspiration to your followers, affiliate marketing could be a great way for you to reap the rewards.

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