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Access Group

Access groups is a feature found in the Later app that allows you to assign privileges and permission to specific users and groups to access resources, such as files, folders, and data.

For example, in a company, there may be different access groups for different departments. The HR access group might have permission to view and edit employee records, while the marketing access group might only have permission to view marketing materials.

What is the purpose of access groups?

Access groups ensure users only have access to the resources they need to perform their job functions, while also providing an additional layer of security by limiting access to sensitive data. They also simplify the process of managing access by allowing administrators to make changes in bulk rather than having to update permissions for each user individually.

What are Access Groups in Later?

Later Access Groups are a feature that allows you to control who has access to your photos, videos, and social profiles on the Later platform. This is particularly useful if you have multiple Media Libraries and want to restrict access to specific content for certain users or social profiles. With Later Access Groups, you can easily manage and organize your content and ensure that it is only accessible to the appropriate individuals.

How do Later Access Groups work?

Later Access Groups function by allowing users to organize their media content into separate groups with controlled access. Media can be easily transferred between different Access Groups or added in bulk to create an exclusive collection of photos and videos.

To ensure the security of sensitive media and social profiles, users must be invited to access an Access Group's Media Library, social profiles, and Calendar. This way, only authorized individuals can view and manage content within each Access Group.

Media items are associated with an Access Group rather than a specific social profile, meaning that when a social profile is moved between Access Groups, only the posts will be transferred, not the media itself. This feature allows for greater flexibility and control over how content is shared and managed within Later.


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