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Cross-posting is the act of sharing the same post, message, or content across multiple social media platforms or online communities. 

How does cross-posting work?

Cross-posting involves posting the same piece of content on different channels, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram. It can be a convenient way to reach a larger audience without having to create unique content for each platform. It can also save time and effort for those who manage multiple social media accounts.

Cross-posting can have some drawbacks. For example, different social media platforms have different audiences and engagement patterns, which means that the same post may not perform as well on every platform. Additionally, some followers may find it repetitive or annoying to see the same content across multiple channels.

It's important to carefully consider the potential benefits and drawbacks of cross-posting before implementing it as a strategy. It's often recommended to tailor content to the specific platform and audience to optimize engagement and avoid over-posting.

How can cross-posting boost your social media presence?

Cross-posting allows for the sharing of the same content on multiple social media platforms or online communities. Some potential benefits of cross-posting include:

  1. Increased reach: By sharing the same content across multiple platforms, you can reach a larger audience and potentially attract new followers or customers.

  2. Consistent messaging: Cross-posting can help ensure that your messaging is consistent across all channels, which can help reinforce your brand identity and values.

  3. Time-saving: Posting the same content on multiple platforms can save time and effort, as you don't need to create unique content for each platform.

  4. Better engagement: Cross-posting can help increase engagement, as different audiences may respond better to the same content on different platforms.

How do I post to multiple accounts with Later?

Later helps you automatically post across platforms without having to post manually. Here’s how you can post to multiple accounts simultaneously:

  1. Log in to your Later account: You must have a Later account to schedule and post content.

  2. Create a post: Click on the "Create Post" button on the top-right corner of your Later dashboard. Choose the social media accounts you want to post to by selecting the relevant icons.

  3. Create your post content: Add your text, images, videos, and hashtags to the post. You can customize your content for each social media platform if you want to.

  4. Choose a posting time: Select the date and time you want your post to be published on each social media platform.

  5. Preview and schedule: Review your post content and posting schedule, and make any necessary changes. Click on the "Schedule" button to post your content to multiple social media accounts simultaneously.

  6. Manage your posts: You can view and manage all your scheduled and published posts on the Later calendar. You can also edit or delete posts if you need to.

To post to multiple social media accounts, you must be subscribed to Later's paid plans.


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