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Fax, No Printer

"Fax, no printer" is a slang term expressing a strong sense of agreement similar to saying "that's the truth" or "you're absolutely right."

What is the origin of the phrase "Fax, No Printer"?

The phrase draws on the analogy of a fax machine, which was once a common method of transmitting documents electronically. When someone says "fax," they are essentially saying, "I agree with what you just said, and it's so true that I would transmit it via fax without needing to print it out." Here’s an example of “fax, no printer” used in a sentence. 

“We need to get the gang together for Tyler’s birthday, you heard me,” her friend said. “No cap. Fax, no printer,” she said.

The addition of "no printer" further emphasizes the straightforwardness and authenticity of the statement. It suggests that the truth is so clear and self-evident that there is no need for any additional explanation or proof.


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