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A "finsta" is a term used to describe a Fake Instagram account. It refers to a secondary Instagram account that people create alongside their primary or "real" Instagram account. 

Why do people create a Finsta?

The purpose of a finsta is often to share more personal, candid, or unfiltered content with a smaller, more trusted group of friends or followers.

Finstas are commonly created to provide a space for individuals to express themselves more authentically without the pressure of maintaining a curated and public image. By sharing content on a finsta, users aim to foster a sense of closeness, intimacy, and privacy within a selected circle of friends or followers.

Unlike a primary Instagram account, which may have a broader audience consisting of friends, family, acquaintances, and even public followers, finstas are typically reserved for a smaller, more exclusive group. Users often limit access to their finsta by accepting only close friends, trusted individuals, or people with whom they feel comfortable sharing personal and unfiltered moments.


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