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Follow Friday (#FF)

"Follow Friday," often abbreviated as "FF" or “#FF”, is a social media practice where users recommend or promote other users to their followers on Fridays.

It’s a way to showcase accounts that they find interesting, inspiring, or worth following. Follow Friday is commonly associated with the hashtag #FollowFriday or #FF, which helps organize and track these recommendations.

What's the point of Follow Friday?

The purpose of Follow Friday is to create a sense of community, support, and discoverability on social media platforms. Users take the opportunity to highlight and share accounts that they enjoy, believe others will find valuable, or wish to give recognition to.

How does Follow Friday work?

During Follow Friday, users typically post a recommendation or shoutout for other accounts by mentioning their usernames or tagging them in a post. They often provide a brief explanation or endorsement of why others should consider following those account.


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