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"Ghosting" is a term that is commonly used in dating and social relationships to refer to the sudden and unexplained ending of communication or contact with someone.

What does ghosting mean?

When someone "ghosts" another person, they abruptly stop responding to messages, phone calls, or other forms of communication, and essentially disappear without any explanation. This can be hurtful or confusing for the person who has been "ghosted," as they may be left wondering what happened or what they did wrong.

The term "ghosting" has become more common in recent years, particularly with the rise of online dating and social media. While it can be seen as a form of rejection or avoidance, it is not always done with malicious intent and may be a result of personal or situational factors.

What are the negative effects of ghosting?

It is important to note that ghosting can have negative effects on mental health, particularly for the person who has been "ghosted." It is generally considered a disrespectful and immature way to end a relationship or communication with someone, and is not a recommended approach for resolving conflict or ending relationships in a healthy way.


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