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Ok, Boomer

"Ok, boomer" is an internet catchphrase used to dismiss negative comments and attitudes associated with baby boomers. 

What does "Ok, Boomer" mean?

“Okay, Boomer” is typically used as a dismissive or sarcastic response to older people, particularly baby boomers, who are perceived as being out of touch with modern attitudes and culture. It’s often used in response to comments or opinions that are seen as outdated, conservative, or insensitive.

The phrase has sparked some controversy, with some people viewing it as ageist and disrespectful. Others argue that it is a harmless and humorous way to poke fun at generational differences and that older people should be able to take a joke.

Regardless of one's opinion on the phrase, it has become a common cultural reference that reflects the changing attitudes and values of younger generations towards older generations. It highlights the growing generational divide between baby boomers and younger generations, particularly millennials and Generation Z, who have grown up in a vastly different cultural and technological landscape than their parents and grandparents.


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