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OOMF is an acronym that stands for "One of My Followers” and is used as a way of referring to someone without mentioning their name to maintain privacy, confidentiality, or even mystery.

How is OOMF used?

“OOMF” is often used on social media platforms such as Twitter or Instagram as shorthand to refer to a specific person in one's followers list. It is also used as a way to direct a message to a specific person or to refer to someone in a more casual or informal manner.

On Twitter, OOMF is used as a way to subtweet a follower. It might be directly used in a sentence or in the form of a hashtag (#OOMF). It can be used in the context of indulging in a little gossip while staying under the radar and not stirring up too much drama. It can also be used to make a shout-out or express gratitude to one's followers. The term can also be used to refer to a specific person or a smaller group of followers, in which case it is often used in the context of direct messages or private conversations.

What are examples of OOMF in a sentence?

  • Twitter user: Can’t believe OOMF doesn’t like pineapple on pizza. 

  • Twitter user: Shoutout #OOMF for coming through at last night’s event. 

  • Twitter user: Which OOMF wants free tickets to the Beyonce concert? DM me.


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