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That Girl

“That girl” is a social media lifestyle trend that refers to women who prioritize wellness, productivity, beauty and mindfulness. 

Who is "that girl"?

“That girl” is a wellness archetype that rose to prominence on TikTok in April 2021. It’s a trend that encourages women to be “that girl,” the one who wakes up early, practice yoga, journal, drink green juice, wear athleisure and minimal makeup and continuously improve their life. On social media, it began as a highlight reel where women shared TikToks of themselves waking up early and going through the motions of “that girl.”

The trend gained popularity as it inspired and encouraged women to level up their life by committing to a healthy routine. However, some have found the trend troubling as it set provided a narrow vision of what wellness looks like in practice and set unrealistic lifestyle and beauty standards for women.


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