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Touch Grass

Touch Grass is a figurative expression to suggest that someone should spend time outdoors, disconnect from technology, and engage with the physical world, specifically by being in nature or getting fresh air.

What does it mean when someone says "touch grass"?

When someone tells another person to "touch grass," it is usually meant as a lighthearted or humorous way of advising them to take a break from their online activities, particularly if they are excessively immersed in virtual or digital environments. It implies that the person may be spending too much time indoors or focusing too heavily on online interactions, and could benefit from the grounding and rejuvenating effects of nature.

The phrase is often used in response to someone who is engaging in arguments, displaying excessive negativity, or obsessively consuming online content without taking breaks. It serves as a reminder to prioritize real-world experiences, self-care, and a healthier balance between online and offline activities.


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