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Influencer marketing tools that drive revenue

Power your influencer marketing strategy with Later Influence™’s tools designed to help you grow, scale, and drive the results you need

Marketing Manager considers using Later Influencer Marketing Tools to drive revenue growth
Marketing Manager considers using Later Influencer Marketing Tools to drive revenue growth

Supercharge your influencer marketing

Tools to navigate the influencer campaign lifecycle.

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Find the right influencers

Discover our database of over 10M+ trusted influencers.

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Scale your influencer program

Create successful campaigns & amplify your results.

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Optimize influencer campaigns

Maximize your influencer spend at every turn.


Influencer tools that do the work for you

Get the most out of your influencer marketing software that drives the results you need.

Later’s suite of influencer marketing tools includes influencer search and collecting ratings and reviews
  1. 1.

    Influencer search

    Find influencers using our influencer search tool to create authentic brand content across all social platforms.

  2. 2.

    Ambassador programs

    Create your own scalable brand ambassador or employee advocacy program.

  3. 3.

    Multi-platform content creation

    Syndicate creator content to leverage successful campaigns across your social platforms, website, and beyond.

  4. 4.

    Ratings & reviews

    Use your influencer programs to drive ratings & reviews that boost consumer loyalty and increase customers’ trust.

  5. 5.

    Referral programs

    Grow your sales and reach new customers in your industry with trackable referral codes and programs.


Where influencer marketing meets innovation

Elevated tools, impactful results, all in one easy-to-use platform.

Beauty influencer profile and find influencers search bar within the Later platform


Streamline influencer discovery

Find, filter, and activate influencers in your niche across all social platforms through our searchable database of talent.

Approved or Needs Work button within the Later Influencer Campaign Platform


Flexible campaigns tailored for your brand

Manage all aspects of your campaigns from discovery to communication, contracts, and incentives, within one platform.

Mark campaigns as Approved, Approved with Corrections, or Needs Work within the Later Influencer Marketing Platform


Manage communication & build relationships with ease

Build relationships with creators, manage communication, track campaigns and review drafts with our influencer management tools.

Bliss Beauty Campaign in the Later Content Syndication Platform


Extend your reach & easily syndicate content

Maximize the value of your influencer content across platforms and brand channels while reaching new audiences and boosting ROI.

Influencer paid using the PayPal integration within the Later Influencer Payment Platform


Manage campaigns & payments

Easily pay influencers in more than 25 currencies, track referral codes, and manage product shipping and order numbers all without having to leave the platform.

Program Performance Metrics with in the Later Influencer Analytics Platform


Track, measure, and optimize

Get measurable real-time results and automatic influencer campaign reporting backed by powerful analytics across all campaigns.

Cosmetics brand calculates ROI and EMV of Instagram Reels using Later Influence


Show your campaigns’ impact

Prove your campaigns’ dollar value and secure your budget with up-to-date, accurate ROI and Earned Media Value metrics in your Campaign Performance report.


Don’t just take our word for it

Headshot of Later user Kym Recco of Toms of Main

The depth and diversity of their influencer network keeps on giving. I love that no matter how many campaigns we run, there always seems to be new and on-brand influencers to engage with … The creative keeps on giving long after the campaign is over.

Kym Recco

Tom’s of Maine, Digital Marketing Manager

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Grow with Later’s influencer marketing software

Start working with the right influencers and turn influencer marketing into your #1 revenue generator.