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Free Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator

Check your Instagram engagement rate using our free calculator and see how Instagram posts on your account compares to other influencers. Plus, get industry benchmarks to see where you stack up.

Influencer using the Later Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator


Instagram Engagement Rate Stats

See how your engagement rate compares to industry averages for Instagram posts.

Chart of Influencer Type broken down by number of followers by social media platform

Influencer Types

Spectrum of influencers based on follower count on social media platforms.

Chart of Average Engagement Rates by Impression for Instagram Posts for each influencer type

Average Engagement Rate / Impression for IG Posts

Average rates based on 40K Instagram posts and 1.6K campaigns analyzed by Later.

Later 2024 Influencer Benchmarks Report

Upgrade your influencer strategy with the latest insights

Later analyzed over 45K posts and 2.9K campaigns across multiple platforms to compile influencer marketing benchmarks.

Download now to understand industry sets and set realistic goals for your next campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

Instagram Engagement Rates: The Key Facts

  • Engagement rate is a social media marketing metric that evaluates how active followers and users interact with a post on a social media platform. The higher the engagement rate, the more that content resonates with other users.

  • To improve your engagement rate, you’ll want to experiment with things like:

    Check out our guide to learn how to improve your engagement on Instagram.

  • According to a 2024 study by Later, the average Instagram engagement rates are:

    • 10.09% for Instagram Feed Posts;
    • 1.87% for Instagram Stories; and
    • 6.21% for Instagram Reels.

    This rate depends on your industry and your number of followers, with nano influencers (with 0 to 10K followers) typically having the highest engagement.

    Download the 2024 Influencer Benchmark Report to get more details on industry and platform averages.

  • If you want to calculate your Instagram engagement rate manually, add up the average number of interactions (comments, shares, and likes) on a post and divide by how many followers you have.

    Our hack? Use Later’s Instagram Engagement Rate calculator above for free and download our latest Influencer Marketing Benchmarks Report to see how you compare to other influencers

  • Finding your engagement rate is as easy as 1,2,3 with the Later Instagram Engagement Rate tool. Follow these steps:

    1. Enter your Instagram stats: All we need is your follower count, average likes, comments, reach and impressions per post.
    2. Press “Calculate”: Ditch the formulas and let us do the math for you.
    3. Compare with researched benchmarks: See how your engagement rate compares to similar accounts.
  • If your Instagram engagement rate is low, you can see it as an opportunity to try new things that your audience - and the Instagram algorithm - might respond better to.

    Try filming Instagram Reels, start getting candid on your Instagram stories, or post at different times of the day to see what helps your engagement.

    Check out our guide here to learn more about improving your engagement on Instagram.

  • There’s a reason that influencer marketing sells; people trust influencers! It is said that 69% of people trust influencers, friends and family over brands.

    Investing in an influencer marketing platform like Later Influence connects you with creators’ loyal audiences and builds positive brand associations, leading to improved engagement and profit.


How Later Helps You Get Ahead on Instagram

Headshot of Jessica Hong, Social Media Manager at APOTHEKE

Later’s Instagram Reels analytics tools have helped us tremendously with being more data-driven in our content strategy. The Reels auto publish is also a must- now we can spend less time manually posting, and more time creating great content!

Jessica Hong

Social Media Manager, APOTHEKE

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