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Blue Checkmark

Also known as the "verified badge," the blue checkmark is a symbol used by various social media platforms to indicate that a particular account has been verified as authentic or legitimate by the platform itself.

Who gets a blue checkmark?

The blue checkmark is typically given to accounts that are of public interest, such as those belonging to celebrities, public figures, or brands. It is meant to help users identify which accounts are legitimate and which are not, as there are many fake accounts on social media platforms.

The process for getting a blue checkmark varies depending on the platform, but it generally involves submitting some form of identification or verification information to the platform. Once an account has been verified, it will display the blue checkmark symbol next to the account name, indicating that the account has been verified by the platform.

How do you get verified on social media?

For Instagram, you can apply for verification by going to your profile, tapping the three lines in the top-right corner, selecting "Settings," and then selecting "Account." From there, select "Request Verification" and follow the prompts. You'll need to provide basic information about yourself, including a government-issued ID and links to websites that confirm your identity.

On TikTok, verification is currently only offered to certain accounts, such as popular creators, public figures, and brand accounts. You can apply for verification in the "Privacy and Settings" section of your profile.

It's important to note that getting verified is not a guarantee and is at the discretion of the social media platform.


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