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How to Get Verified on Instagram

If you’ve ever wondered how to get verified on Instagram, you’ve come to the right place!

There’s always been a great deal of mystery surrounding Instagram’s verification process… Does the number of followers you have matter? Is it harder for businesses to get verified on Instagram? What factors does Instagram actually care about at when deciding who gets verified?

Lucky for you, Instagram recently clarified the verification process, including giving users the ability to apply for verification directly within the Instagram app!

Of course, only those who meet Instagram’s strict requirements have any hope of getting approved.

Think you can make the cut? Here’s everything you need to know about how to get verified on Instagram:

get verified on Instagram

Table of Contents:

  1. How to Request a Verified Badge on Instagram
  2. Instagram’s Requirements for Getting Verified
  3. What Happens After You Apply to Get Verified?

How to Request a Verified Badge for Your Instagram Profile

You can quickly submit a request to be verified on Instagram directly from the app. 

To request a verified badge, first make sure you’re logged into the account you’re requesting a badge for.

Next, open your profile and tap the button with three lines in the top-right corner of the screen. This will open the sidebar menu where you can access your Instagram settings.

instagram verified

Once you’re inside your Instagram settings, scroll down and tap on the Request Verification option.

verified Instagram

Enter your full name, nickname, category, and then attach a form of identification (it has to be a government-issued ID).

Once you’ve done all that, just tap Send!

Instagram’s Requirements for Getting Verified

As you can imagine, Instagram’s requirements for getting verified are fairly onerous.

First of all, according to Instagram, you have to be a public figure, celebrity, or brand.

Beyond that, you need to meet a number of account and eligibility requirements, including following Instagram’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

Here’s a breakdown of Instagram’s requirements to apply for a verified badge:

#1: Authentic

The first criterion is authenticity. Basically, this means that your account must represent a real person, registered business, or entity. 

how to get verified on Instagram

#2: Unique

On top of being authentic, according to Instagram, your account must be the unique presence of the person or business it represents. 

get verified on Instagram

Basically, this means that if your business has multiple accounts on Instagram, only one can be verified. Although, apparently, Instagram does make exceptions for language-specific accounts, like @vanityfairspain and @vanityfairitalia.

verified badge instagram

But the one-verified-account-per-business rule doesn’t always apply. For example, Adidas has verified accounts for different sports (like @adidasfootball and @adidashoops), fashion lines (like @adidasoriginals and @adidasy3), and countries (like @adidasca and @adidashk).

get verified on Instagram

Instagram also states that they don’t give verified badges to general interest accounts (they use the example of “@puppymemes”). But we know this also isn’t always the case!

how to get verified on Instagram

#3: Complete

Your account also needs to be complete, as in it must be public, have an Instagram bio, profile photo, and at least one post. 

Instagram also states that your profile can’t contain “add me” links to other social media accounts.

#4: Notable

Finally, your account must be notable. According to Instagram, this means that your account must represent a well-known, highly searched for person, brand, or entity. 

instagram verified

This is probably the hardest criterion to meet, since “notability” is a pretty hard thing to measure.

Instagram does offer some guidance on this point, stating that they look for accounts that are “featured in multiple news sources,” and that they don’t consider paid or promotional content.

But again, they give no advice on how much press is required for someone to be considered notable.

how to get instagram verified

This is the biggest problem with Instagram’s verification process (and also one of the reasons why the blue verified badge is so coveted): it’s difficult to get!

There’s still a lot of mystery how exactly Instagram picks which accounts to be verified. And there’s a lot of room for interpretation when it comes to things like being “well-known” or “highly searched for.”

But what if you’re already verified on other platforms, like Facebook or Twitter?

To put it short, Instagram doesn’t care.

They actually tackle this question in their Help Center, writing that only Instagram accounts that “have a high likelihood of being impersonated” will get verified badges.

This obviously isn’t always the case, but it’s definitely something to consider when applying to get verified on Instagram.

What Happens After You Apply to Get Verified on Instagram?

According to Instagram, once your request is reviewed, you’ll receive a notification letting you know if your account has been verified or not.

If your request is denied, you have to wait 30 days before submitting a new request. If your request is granted, you verified badge should appear on your account right away.

verified Instagram account

Keep in mind that if you provide false or misleading information during the verification process, Instagram will remove your verified badge and may take additional action to delete your account. 

And that’s it! Beyond its exclusivity, getting verified on Instagram is a great way to build trust and credibility because it shows that you’re the real deal.

That’s why you should definitely apply to get verified on Instagram if you think you meet the requirements. And even if you’re not sure you make the cut, there’s no harm in crossing your fingers and giving it a try!

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