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“Clout” is a slang term referring to a person's influence, reputation, or popularity, especially in online spaces.

Where does the term Clout come from?

The term has evolved from Old British English to modern slang usage, particularly in the context of social media and internet culture. Having clout means having a significant following, engagement, or impact on social media platforms or within specific communities.

What does Clout mean on social media?

Clout is often associated with individuals who have a large number of followers, receive high levels of engagement (such as likes, comments, and shares) on their posts, and are considered influential within their respective fields. It can be related to various aspects, including fashion, lifestyle, music, entertainment, and entrepreneurship. 

Gaining clout is often seen as desirable for individuals aspiring to build a personal brand or pursue opportunities within the digital realm. However, the pursuit of clout can also lead to performative behaviour, seeking attention for attention's sake, or engaging in activities solely to increase one's online visibility.


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