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The Results Are In: These Are the Highest Paid TikTok Creators

Updated on October 18, 2022
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Published January 20, 2022

Who are the highest paid TikTok creators?

According to Forbes' annual report, the app’s top-earning creators (excluding celebrities who found fame elsewhere) collectively pocketed over $55.5M in 2021. Whoa.

We're breaking down the creators who were at the top of Forbes' list — including how much they actually make.

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Who Are the Highest Earning TikTok Creators?

From brand partnerships to endorsements, TikTok is a hotbed of marketing activations that can lead to profit — and these are the top seven creators cashing in:

  1. Charli D’Amelio

  2. Dixie D’Amelio

  3. Addison Rae

  4. Josh Richards

  5. Bella Poarch

  6. Kris Collins

  7. Avani Gregg

#1: Charli D’Amelio – Earns $17.5M 

The highest earning TikToker on the app is Charli D'Amelio.

An early adopter of the app (she created her account in May 2019) Charli is one of TikTok’s most-followed creators, who rose to fame via her captivating dance clips.

In the years since, she’s secured quite a few brand partnerships, ranging from Invisalign to Dunkin Donuts and Hollister, as well as her own Hulu Series, The D’Amelio Show.

Not bad for an 18-year-old.

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#2: Dixie D’Amelio – Earns $10M

Best known for being the second half to her younger sis Charli, Dixie D’Amelio is best known for jumping on timely trends and comical vids that showcase her personality. 

Can she attribute much of her success (and partnerships) to Charli’s pull? Most likely, but the budding songstress has managed to secure some serious deals in her own right. 

Landing a partnership with Valentino and Puma — not to mention performing alongside Ed Sheeran and the Jonas Brothers, no big deal.

#3: Addison Rae – Earns $8.5M

Another early adopter and competitive dancer, comes Addison Rae, TikTok’s resident lip-sync queen.

With her winning combination of sweet, southern drawl and dance, this Louisiana star has shot to massive TikTok fame.  

So much so, that success on the app landed her a big-time role in Netflix’s revamp of He’s All That (with more on the way), plus an American Eagle partnership, and a cosmetics line.

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Tied at #4: Josh Richards – Earns $5M

At just 20 years old, Josh Richards is one of TikTok’s most recognized creators. 

Typically posting dance and lip-sync videos, the floppy-haired Canadian has clocked much of our screen time since he first joined TikTok (formerly known as in 2017.

In the years since Josh has moved into the world of podcasting, co-hosting alongside Dave Portnoy on the show BFFs and appearing in the movie, Under the Stadium Lights, while also co-founding an energy drink brand.

Tied at #4: Bella Poarch – Earns $5M

Bella's TikTok claim to fame was initiated by one viral sensation — a lip-sync of “M to the B” by Millie B posted in August 2020. 

Since then, the Filipino-American’s feed has been filled with syncs to the same tune.

And while Bella’s made the jump to a musical career (her first single reached 56 on Billboard’s pop chart), she’s also bagged some pretty high-profile partnerships with Prada and Google.

Tied at #5: Kris Collins – Earns $4.75M

Comedy and TikTok fit together like peanut butter and jelly, and Kris Collins has nailed the recipe. 

But becoming a TikToker was never actually her goal. In the wake of COVID-19, Kris had to halt her career as a hairdresser, and serendipitously found herself on the app.

Now, whether it’s a clip making fun of her parents or a spot-on impression of her siblings, Kris’s relatable sketches have earned her millions on TikTok, plus some serious deals with ​​Amazon and Pantene.

Tied at #5: Avani Gregg – Earns $4.75M

Avani rose to TikTok fame through a series of lip-sync videos wearing elaborate clown makeup. 

From there the beauty connoisseur amassed over 40M strong through her sense of style and makeup skills. 

Since then, the African, Asian-American starlet has naturally stepped into the fashion arena, landing brand partnerships with Louis Vuitton and Dior, in addition to publishing a book titled, Backstory: My Life So Far.

And that concludes the Forbes highest paid TikTok-er list!

Given their collective pull, main character energy, and soaring engagement, they’re not just tastemakers, but they're making money too.

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