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The 5 Most Influential Creators on the Internet

Updated on September 15, 2022
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Did your favorite creator make Forbes' list? 👀

Published September 15, 2022

Move over Hollywood elite, there’s a new wave of talent rising to fame (and fortune!) beyond Tinseltown.

Enter: Forbes’ Top Creators of 2022 list.

After evaluating each creator across three categories — earnings, clout, and entrepreneurship — the publication revealed 49 famous faces (and one dog) who collectively earned $570M in revenue in 2021. 

Spanning TikTok favorite Rickey Thompson, YouTuber Patrick Simondac, Instagram vet Aimee Song and so many more, the list reveals some seriously impressive stats. 

So, did your fave follow make the cut? We’re unveiling which creators claimed the top five spots, below.

Editor's Note: A 2021 report found that the pay gap between white and BIPOC influencers is 29% — spotlighting a lack of diversity in marketing. Judging by the top five spots in Forbes' list, we still have a ways to go. 

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The Top Five Creators in 2022 — According to Forbes

While Forbes' list spans 50 different creators in multiple niches, these are the top five creators cashing in:

  1. Jimmy Donaldson

  2. Charli D'Amelio

  3. Alexandra Cooper

  4. Elliot Tebele

  5. Emma Chamberlain

Forbes Top Creator #1: Jimmy Donaldson, @mrbeast 

Coming in at the number one spot is YouTube powerhouse, Jimmy Donaldson (AKA MrBeast).

Known for viral stunts and challenges — from spending 50 hours buried alive to eating the world’s largest pizza slice — Donaldson knows how to keep his audience entertained. 

But what sets Donaldson apart is his virtual restaurant, MrBeast Burger

The venture has catapulted him into a steady stream of $54M in revenue. Plus, Forbes reports his channel’s average engagement rate = 5.99%, with an overall following of 162M. 

And while those numbers are impressive, camp Donaldson did have some slight edits:

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Forbes Top Creator #2: Charli D'Amelio, @charlidamelio

It comes as no surprise that Charli D’Amelio landed a top spot on this list.

After dominating TikTok, D’Amelio has expanded her brand well beyond viral dance videos.

With over 203M followers in tow, the internet force has secured major brand deals with Invisalign and Dunkin’, landed a fragrance deal, and even a Hulu series.

Rewarded to the tune of $17.5M, D’Amelio is dancing all the way to the bank.  

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Forbes Top Creator #3: Alexandra Cooper, @alexandracooper 

Money, fame, and moxie are the terms used to describe Forbes' first-ever Top Creators list. And Alexandra Cooper embodies each in spades.

Paving a lane for herself through the world of podcasting, Cooper’s show, Call Her Daddy has amassed a cult-like following.

Never one to sugarcoat relationship advice, tackle taboo topics, or discuss polarizing politics, Call Her Daddy has nabbed a multi-year deal with podcast giant, Spotify.

Plus, it’s scored Cooper a cool $20M and over 3M followers, too. #DaddyGang

Forbes Top Creator #4: Elliot Tebele, @fuckjerry  

Best known as the creator behind the popular Instagram account @fuckjerry, comes Elliot Tebele.

Over the years, the curator of memes has landed in hot water surrounding copyright infringement and not crediting creators.

Yet still, the brand stands strong grossing $30M in revenue and a community of 20M.

But that’s not all. 

The jokester has also launched a social media marketing agency, Jerry Media, alongside JAJA Tequila, and the party favorite game, What Do You Meme, all on the back of successful meme-culture.

Looking to master the art of meme-making? We’re breaking it all down: How to Make Memes That Go Viral

Forbes Top Creator #5: Emma Chamberlain, @emmachamberlain

An early adopter of YouTube vlogging, we’ve practically watched Chamberlain grow up.

Known for documenting her caffeinated experiments, travel vlogs, and vintage clothing hauls, the 21-year-old has amassed a dedicated following of over 27M since starting her YouTube channel back in 2016.

To no surprise, the fashionista has since partnered with major fashion brands like Louis Vuitton and Levi's, and launched her very own venture, Chamberlain Coffee

Pocketing $12M in 2021, Chamberlain has nabbed the fifth spot on Forbes’ list. 

And that’s it!

Between their collective pull, massive communities, and brand partnerships, these five creators are the most influential creators on the internet — according to Forbes. 

And with the creator economy now estimated to be a $100B industry, it's never been a more exciting time to be in the social media space. We're curious to see how it evolves.

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