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Doing It For The Gram

“Doing it for the gram” is doing something for the purpose of sharing it on Instagram or other social media platforms, rather than for the experience itself.

What does "Do it for the gram" mean?

This phrase refers to the practice of prioritizing the appearance or perception of an experience over the actual experience, often for the purpose of impressing or gaining attention from others on social media.

For example, someone may go to a fancy restaurant and order an expensive meal just to take a photo of it for Instagram, even if they don't particularly enjoy the food. Or they may travel to a popular tourist destination just to take a photo in front of a landmark, without actually taking the time to explore the area or appreciate the culture.

The phrase "doing it for the gram" has become popular as social media has become more prevalent in our daily lives. It is often used in a critical or sarcastic way to highlight the superficiality or lack of authenticity associated with social media culture.


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