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A filter refers to a digital tool or feature that allows users to modify or enhance their photos or videos, typically for social media usage.

Filters can also be used on live streams in real-time or during post-production. Filters can alter various aspects of visual content, such as colors, lighting, contrast, saturation, and special effects, to create different moods, aesthetics, or visual styles.

How do filters work?

Image and video filters are perhaps the most common types of filters found on social media platforms. They are typically applied to photos or videos either before or after capturing them. Filters can be pre-installed within a social media app or accessed through third-party photo-editing applications.

How are filters used on social media?

Filters have become an integral part of social media culture, enabling users to personalize their content, enhance visual appeal, and experiment with different artistic styles. 

They offer a range of creative possibilities and can contribute to the overall aesthetic or theme of an individual's social media presence. Popular filter options used on social media include:

  • Face filters: Popularized by Snapchat and Instagram, these filters modify the user's facial features, apply virtual makeup, add accessories, or transform their appearance into various characters or creatures.

  • World filters: These filters augment the user's surrounding environment by adding virtual objects, effects, or animations. These filters can turn a mundane scene into a vibrant, surreal, or fantasy-filled experience.


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