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The Best Instagram Stories Filters are Hidden Right in the App

Updated on November 22, 2019
10 minute read

There are thousands of awesome Instagram Stories filters hidden right inside the app and we're revealing how to find, and start using, our top 14 filters!

Published November 22, 2019

Did you know that there are thousands of awesome Instagram Stories filters hidden right inside the app? 

Thanks to Instagram AR creators, there’s now tons of new filters and effects that can give your Instagram Stories photos and videos an upgraded and edited look. 

And with a wide-variety of tones, color grades and effects to choose from, it’s easy to pick a perfectly on-brand filter and start shooting – all without leaving the app! 

We’re showing you where to

Instagram Stories Hack Discover Hidden Filters Inside the App

find these hidden Instagram Stories filters, how to start using them and sharing 14 of our current favorites in this blog post:

Instagram Stories Filters: How to Find the Best Hidden Filters

AR filters were 2019’s biggest hit for Instagram Stories, and they’ve only gone from strength to strength.

When Spark AR Studio became open to the public (meaning anyone and everyone can create and publish their own AR filters for Instagram Stories!) we saw a new wave of AR effects that went beyond a face filter. 

Now, the new AR filters on the block are all about adding tones, color grading and effects to your photos and videos.

New AR Filters on the Block Instagram Stories

Just like how you would add a filter or preset to your images and videos using apps like VSCO and Lightroom, now you can do it for Instagram Stories without ever leaving the app. 

And we’re seeing tons of brands and influencers use them to upgrade their stories content! 

IG Stories Filters used by brands and influencers

@audreyrivet, @spreadfashion, @helenisfor

Plus, Instagram is also introduced a new Effects Gallery to help discover unique Instagram Stories filters from the creator community. 

But this new tab on profiles is massively under-utilized, unless you’re actively looking for great Instagram Stories filters! 

New Effects Gallery in Instagram Stories

So there’s a whole world of new Instagram Stories filters and AR effects waiting to be discovered!

The best thing about these AR filters and effects is just how quickly they can level up your Instagram content. 

Without the need for any extra apps or subscriptions, you can tap into the Effects Gallery and use these filters to color correct your footage, add a cool grain or light leak, or help maintain your Instagram aesthetic on the go! 

 Effects Gallery Filters in Instagram Stories to Maintain Your Instagram Aesthetic

@nataliemariejust, @spreadfashion, @thebirdspapaya

Using Instagram Stories filters is one of the easiest ways to upgrade your stories content! 

By using the same set – or similar – filters for your Instagram Stories, you can create cohesive, on-brand content that aligns with your brand as a whole.

Want to learn more about how to use Instagram Stories for your brand? Check out free Instagram Stories for Business course to learn how to level-up your strategy!

How To Find and Use New Instagram Stories Filters & Effects:

Thanks to Instagram’s new Effects Gallery, when you visit a creator’s profile, you’ll find a new effects tab above their feed where you can browse all of the AR effects they created.

New Effects Gallery in Instagram Stories Filter Used By Ya Molli

From here, you can tap on an effect, you’ll have the option to “Try it” and it will open your Instagram Stories camera where you can try effect right away: 

Try It New Effect Filter In Instagram Stories

If you like what you see, you can also save your favorite AR effects by tapping the “save” icon in the lower right-hand corner of the effect:

save your favorite AR effects in Instagram stories filters

When you do this, the effect will appear in your effects tray in the Instagram Stories camera — so you can quickly add it to any future stories!

Effects Tray in Instagram Stories Camera

You can also tap the “Browse More Effects” button to open Effects Gallery (you can also access Effects Gallery by tapping the ellipsis button on the previous screen).

Browse More Effects in Effects Gallery

Within Effects Gallery, you’ll find thousands of custom AR effects — plus the ability to sort by category or topic! 

If you’re looking for filter-style effects, we’d recommend going straight to the “Camera Styles” and “Colors and Light” channel in Effects Gallery.

From here, you can browse any AR effect that falls under that category, including retro-inspired color filters, high-grain effects and film filters:

custom AR effects in Effect Gallery Camera Styles Color & Light

Once you’ve saved your favourite Instagram Stories filters and effects, they’ll appear to the left of your capture button when you open your Instagram Stories camera. 

Note: Currently, you can not apply filters or effects to existing content uploaded from your camera roll. Instagram Stories filters can only be used while shooting new footage.

Just swipe to access them and then you can begin recording or capturing as you normally would!

14 Instagram Stories Filters to Level-Up Your Stories Content

Ready to give your Instagram Stories an upgrade? 

We’ve rounded up a few of the best Instagram Stories filters that will help you create a more cohesive stories aesthetic and upgrade your Instagram marketing strategy: 

#1. Breeze by Carmushka for a Muted, Moody Aesthetic

Looking for a subtle upgrade for your Instagram Stories content? 

Look no further than the Breeze filter by German fashion influencer @carmushka. 

Breeze Filter By Carmushka

Perfect for landscape shots, the filter gently levels up the contrast and mutes the exposure of your shot, making it the perfect low-key filter. 

#2. ya.molli’s Milk*One, Milk*Two & Milk*3 for a Bright, Glowy Tone

Want to channel beach vibes in the city? Check out Milk*One, Milk*Two and Milk*3 filters created by @ya.molli. 

With 3.2M followers, @ya.molli has nailed the bright and breezy aesthetic on her feed, and it’s been mirrored in her new Instagram Stories filters too: 

Milk*One, Milk*Two and Milk*3 filters created by ya.molli.

These filters will give your content a glow-up by adding in extra brightness and a summer-time hue. 

But Milk*Two goes a step further by adding a subtle grainy overlay — giving it a retro film reel vibe as dust specks leak over the footage. 

#3. thaifurtado’s Blogger Presets for a Classic “Influencer” Look

The Blogger Presets by @thaifurtado gives your Instagram Stories a classic, minimal look that works well for everyday, lifestyle shots. 

blogger presets instagram filter by thaifurtado

The 3-in-1 filter (just tap through to change the filter’s intensity) is super versatile for your content, whether you’re shooting in or outdoors, it’s a subtle upgrade for your posts. 

#4. Retro Cam by for a Vintage and Filmy Look

Vintage filters and retro photo apps have continued to trend throughout this year – and it looks like this style isn’t going anywhere. 

If you love the look, check out Retro Cam by — it’s a one-size-fits-all filter for a fool-proof vintage look:

Retro Cam Filter By Love is Masha

#5. Retro Film by yanka.onuchina for a Retro and Filmy Aesthetic

For another take on a vintage-look, Retro Film by yanka.onuchina is a great Instagram Stories filter to give your photos a old-school “downgrade”. 

retro film instagram stories filter by yanka onuchina

By gently mixing the color palette to replicate an old film reel and adding in white speckled dust as an overlay effect, the finished product is the perfect retro throwback. 

#6. +45 Camera Filters by ya_gadya For Your VSCO Favorites

We love when creators release a “filters pack”, and this one by @ya_gadya could be the best one out there. 

With some strong similarities to the VSCO filters (the naming is even similar!), all 45 of @ya_gadya’s filters work to upgrade your Instagram Stories footage. 

The trick is to take a look at your own Instagram aesthetic first and try to match the tonal qualities to your stories as your tap through the filters. 

+45 camera instagram filter by ya gadya

Whether it’s F1, KP6 or LVL3, there’s bound to be a filter in this pack that suits your aesthetic! 

#7. Grainy III by nahir.esper for More Old-School Grain Effects

This “speckled” or “dusty flecks” look is seriously trending right now, and @nahir.esper wanted to create a filter for her 2M fans to achieve the look. 

With 3 different “grain intensities” to choose from, the Grainy III filter can help you jump on board the trend, while giving your photos and videos a subtle color upgrade too! 

grainy III filter by nahir esper

One to add to your favorites tray if you’re loving the grain look! 

#8. Mood by diana_luchitskaya for the Perfect Fall Look

Ready to embrace cooler tones in your Instagram feed? 

The vintage-hues in @diana_luchitskaya’s Moody filter tone down harsh colors and will give your photos a classic and muted vibe – much like the popular VSCO filter M5. 

Instagram influencer Helen Heath (@helenisfor) has been using the new filter in her stories to match her signature aesthetic seen across her feed. 

Mood Filter By Diana Luchitskaya

#9. Rose by thesundaychapter for a Feminine, Golden Glow

Angela Giakas of @thesundaychapter was one of the first influencers to jump on board the trend and create a filter for her followers. 

Rose Filter by thesundaychapter

The Rose filter perfectly upgrades any content, but it’s been particularly created to suit travel photography and video footage. 

Plus, it’s a quick and easy way to take inspiration from Angela’s glowing feed and create the look yourself: 

Rose Filter in Angela’s glowing feed

#10. Cinematic by ilhamrofiqi for Touches Of Old-Hollywood

Cinematic by @ilhamrofiqi does exactly what it says on the label — it gently upgrades your content to have a vintage movies feel to it. 

cinematic filter by ilhamrofiqi

Tap through the five different Cinematic filters to find the one that’s right for you. From rustic yellow tones, to near black and white grayscale, these filters are great for quick and easy edits. 

#11. MY AL3 by julysnotes for Subtle Selfies

While Instagram is locking down on AR filters that mimic extreme plastic surgery, there are still plenty of gorgeous filters that are perfect for upgrading a selfie! 

@julysnotes has made MY AL3 precisely for that — it’s a soft color correction and overall golden hue, perfect for to-camera shots, especially if you’re working with poor lighting. 

MY AL3 Filter by julysnotes

Plus, if you’re loving the grain aesthetic, there’s the option to add some light dust specks too! 

#12. PINK PRESET 2 by martinabraunn for Rosy Hues

Like its name, PINK PRESET 2 by @martinabraunn gives your photos a subtle, pink glow. 

pink preset 2 filter by martinabraunn

This look (widely-popular with influencers) is sure to make your still and moving footage stand-out with it’s “endless summer sunset” look for your Instagram Stories posts. 

#13. Boho Filters by janmahaven for a Warm Look

This Instagram Stories filter collection is packed with warm tones and a gentle contrast of fall hues. 

boho filters by janmahaven

@janmahaven’s collection is perfect if you’re looking to add a subtle filter to your posts, but don’t want to strongly commit to an overall aesthetic on your stories. 

With 11 different filters to choose from, there’s bound to be one that works for your feed! 

#14. Nahir.esper’s Summer Vibes For Bright and Bold Stories

@nahir.esper gets yet another mention in our line up because the Summer Vibes filter pack is perfect for achieving a bright and bold look across your Instagram Stories. 

Summer Vibes Instagram Filter By Nahir.esper

Within the filter, tap the screen to switch between 3 different filters to find the best match for your scene. 

Grow Your Business with Instagram Stories Filters

There are so many different Instagram Stories filters to choose from, so you can really let your creativity flow!

The key is to choose an Instagram Stories filter that is a cohesive fit with your brand aesthetic

Keep your Instagram marketing goals in mind (along with any other content you’re crafting outside of the Instagram app, like Instagram Stories templates) when you browse all the hidden filters. 

Once you find you perfect filter match, you can quickly and easily start sharing on-brand Instagram Stories content on the go, and see your follower count grow! 

If you want to learn how you can grow your business with Instagram Stories, watch our free 45-minute video course to create a strategy behind your stories:

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Never Miss a Trend AgainJoin over 1 million marketers to get social news, trends, and tips right to your inbox!Email Address

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