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How to Use the New Instagram Boomerang Effects

It’s been almost five years since the first Instagram Boomerang entered our lives, and now it’s back in a big way!

Following the huge success of TikTok’s creative video editor, Instagram has updated its Boomerang mode to add three brand new effects!

Users can now shoot a boomerang, choose from three creative effects, and trim footage — all directly within the Instagram Stories camera. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the new feature: 

How to Use the New Instagram Boomerang Effects

Where to Find the New Instagram Boomerang Effects

You might have noticed that Instagram already integrated Boomerang mode into their Instagram Stories camera — making it easy to snap a Boomerang on the go.

Previously, you had to use the dedicated Boomerang app to create the back-and-forth looping GIF-style videos, but not any more!

Now you have access to the classic Boomerang video edit, and three brand new effects within the Instagram Stories camera:

To try out the new effects, open the stories camera and swipe right into Boomerang mode.

Once you’ve captured a clip, tap the new infinity icon at the top left-hand side of the screen to reveal three new effects and a trimming tool. 

What Are the New Boomerang Effects? 

In addition to the original boomerang (a back-and-forth looping effect) users can now get creative with “Slowmo,” “Echo,” and “Duo” effects, as well as a new trimming tool. 

  • Slowmo: Slows the clip to half-speed, so a 1-second clip becomes 2 seconds in length
  • Echo: Adds a motion blur to each video frame, creating a “double vision” effect 
  • Duo: Rapidly rewinds your video and adds a glitchy transition
  • Trimming: Allows you to easily trim your clip so you can decide where your boomerang loop starts and stops

Instagram Boomerang Modes

Once you’ve finished capturing a boomerang and applying effects, you can publish straight to stories or save it directly to your camera roll — where you can get even more creative with your favorite design and editing apps.

You can even go ahead and share a Boomerang to your feed — where video can really elevate your content strategy!

Have you used the new Boomerang mode in stories yet? What do you think of it so far? Let us know in the comments!

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