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Girlfriend Effect

The Girlfriend Effect refers to a TikTok trend that seeks to prove that men’s style and fashion sense get a major upgrade when they enter a relationship. 

The trend involves men sharing a carousel of photos documenting how their style has evolved once they met their girlfriends.

What are the origins of the Girlfriend Effect?

The specific origins of the trend are difficult to pin down but the trend gained traction with TikTok user Gabe Escobar. Escobar shared his own transformation once he met his girlfriend who he was dating for a year, citing that being in a loving relationship where his partner advises him on his clothing led to him developing a better style.

What are criticisms of the Girlfriend Effect?

The TikTok trend received some criticism when some users noted that most of the “after” transformations looked the same. Some users were concerned that the Girlfriend Effect is part of the larger trend of minimalism and suggested that men are suppressing their individual style to appeal to a more trendy Instagrammable look. Others defend the effect citing that they’ve never really considered their personal style until they had someone to share it with. Ultimately, style is a personal choice developed by each person gradually over time.


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