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11 Creative Ways to Use Instagram Carousel Posts for Your Business

Instagram carousel posts are one of the most versatile tools you can use to achieve your business goals.

With a good creative strategy, you can boost engagement levels, increase brand loyalty, and even drive product sales!

To help you get started, here are 11 creative ways to use Instagram carousel posts for your business:

How to Use Instagram Carousel Posts #1: Promote a New Product

When you’ve got an exciting new product launch to share, sometimes a single photo post just isn’t enough.

Maybe you want to share product variations, like different colors or styles, or perhaps there’s some minute (but important!) details you want to show off in your post.

Which is where Instagram carousel posts come in handy.

Carousel posts are a great way to share more pics, close-ups, and variations with your audience, allowing you to showcase your new product in all of its glory.

Take for example, Everlane — as part of their launch for their latest jumpsuit, they used a  carousel posts to share several photos of it being worn in everyday scenarios, from work to play!

Not only does this allow their audience to get a deeper look at the quality of their products, but it also makes them feel more relatable — which is a great way to encourage more conversions.

And you don’t just have to have a physical product to capitalize on the value of carousels. At Later, we use carousel posts to jump into the details of our technical product releases.

The result? A highly visual slideshow that’s super easy to digest.

Whatever your product, carousel posts provide a great opportunity for you to celebrate the details of your new product with your audience.

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How to Use Instagram Carousel Posts #2: Share a Before and After Reveal 

We’re used to seeing swipe-right transformations, like makeovers, home renovations, upcycling projects, artwork, and even tattoo designs.

And there’s something so satisfying about a swipeable reveal, and Instagram carousel posts are one of the best ways to deliver a good before and after post.

Check out how Later customer, Dermalogica uses carousel posts with UGC content to reveal before and afters, thanks to their customers’s at-home snaps:

But recently, we’ve spotted a huge wave of before and after reveals of photography edits.

Thanks to the rise of Lightroom presets, and tons of other great photo editing apps, brands, business, and influencers can take advantage of carousel posts to show off their digital edits.

Whether it’s a physical makeover or a digital one, before and after reveals can spark a sense of curiosity in your audience — which can mean more scroll-throughs on your Instagram carousel post.

This is a win-win, as not only is your audience connecting with your content, but the Instagram algorithm could recognize this extra engagement and boost your post!

Want to learn more about how the Instagram algorithm works? Check out our blog post to discover how it to use it your business advantage!

How to Use Instagram Carousel Posts #3: Provide Personalized Recommendations

Thanks to Instagram carousel posts, it’s easier than ever to create content that is targeted to a range of audiences — increasing both your reach and your engagement.

For example, SPF skincare brand Supergoop! uses carousel posts to provide several location-based SPF recommendations.

By using carousel posts in this way, Supergoop! are providing super-localized advice, without alienating their wider audience.

This type of hyper-personalized post is often used to provide bespoke recommendations for different skin types, age groups, and personality types.

Fenty Beauty really optimizes this technique by sharing horoscope-themed carousel posts aligned with their latest beauty launch, which have racked up over over 180k likes!

TIP: Invite your audience to share their recommendation or tag a friend in the comments for an added engagement boost!

How to Use Instagram Carousel Posts #4: Share Brand Stories (Without Ruining Your Aesthetic)

Instagram carousel posts are a great way to share more personal brand stories on Instagram, without disrupting a carefully curated feed.

The trick? Just make sure your first carousel photo is aligned with your Instagram aesthetic, and then you’re free to add almost any photo — no matter how grainy — to your post.

This is can be a really powerful way to share your personal brand stories on Instagram, such as pictures of your first office, early product sketches, or a snapshot from your first company meeting.

Check out how Chupi’s founder shares a throwback that shares her company’s journey.

View this post on Instagram

Seven years ago I had no idea this little app would change my life ???? . I remember when my dear friend Edel talked to me about instagram and Facebook, she said you basically put up a profile and asked people to like it. I nearly died ???? . Honestly I couldn’t imagine anything worse, sharing pictures of the things I made and seeing if people liked them? What if no one did? What if everyone hated the things I poured my heart and soul into? ???? . But Edel convinced me and I put up my first post, swipe to see it! It was bloody awful, a terrible photo with a terrible filter (shout out to all of you hipstamatic fans!) but it got three likes from my cousin, bestie and Brian. It made me think maybe I could do it after all ???? . This little app, you guys, have made it possible for me to leave a job that left me cold for a life that fills me with joy ⚡️ . Those early likes gave me the strength to believe maybe my dreams were possible and to take the risk and do my very first show in 2013 in Dublin (I’m not sure I was ever that young!) ???? . It’s taken me to show at New York fashion week ???? . It meant my first ring made it onto Aer Lingus in 2015 ???? . We opened our own store in 2016, throwback to our very scruffy corner of @powerscourtcentre! ???? . You guys helped choose our box! I had two samples of pink or green, I couldn’t choose and you chose for me ???????? . At every stage of my journey you guys have been there, with kindness, support and advice. In an age when social media is muttered as a curse I would like to say thank you ❤️ . Here’s to kindness and love ???????????????? #myfutureheirloom

A post shared by Chupi Heirloom Jewelry ✨ (@chupi) on

Equally, you could use this technique to introduce members of your team, or share photos from a volunteer activity that your company took part in.

These are all great ways to build a stronger connection with your audience — and can really serve to humanize your brand on Instagram.

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How to Use Instagram Carousel Posts #5: Delve into the Details 

Unlike standard photo posts, Instagram carousel posts provide a great opportunity to showcase finer details and close-up shots with your audience.

Style influencers regularly use carousel posts in this way to hone in on a specific detail, giving their followers a closer look at what they’re wearing and how they are styling the look.

And it’s not just influencers embracing this trend. Brands like House of Hayla share several photos of their product on Instagram — allowing their followers to get a closer look at their must-have shoes.

How to Use Instagram Carousel Posts #6: Showcase Your Customer Reviews

A brands’ success is often heavily influenced by customer reviews — and if you’re getting good ones, it makes a lot of sense to share them through Instagram carousel posts.

Sharing positive reviews with your followers is a great way to increase your visibility, generate interest in your products or services, and build brand trust on Instagram.

Instagram is a fantastic channel to share your customer reviews, and carousel posts are a great way to really drive the point home and encourage more sales!

How to Use Instagram Carousel Posts #7: Share Your Outtakes

Sharing several variations of the same shot in an Instagram carousel post has been a huge influencer trend in 2019 — and it doesn’t look to be going anywhere anytime soon!

View this post on Instagram

F R I D A Y ❤️

A post shared by Emily Luciano (@emily_luciano) on

The concept is simple — just share a handful of extra photos alongside the winning shot.

Your extra photos could be a hand-picked curation of your favorite photos — and if you’re wanting to be more personable, you could always share some of the funny outtakes in an “Instagram versus reality” themed post.

This strategy is a great way to use up those extra shots on your camera roll, while also creating a new engagement opportunity to boost your Instagram algorithm ranking.

How to Use Instagram Carousel Posts #8: Encourage Engagement with a Call to Action

Instagram carousel posts provide an easy engagement opportunity as followers can quickly scroll through your photos — but it doesn’t have to stop there.

You can encourage even more engagement by adding a call to action to your carousel post captions.

This could be as simple as asking your followers to comment their favorite photo, or to tag a friend that would suit each one of your carousel options.

By creatively pairing a carousel post with a call to action, you can effectively create a poll for your followers to get involved in — which can be an amazing way to encourage more comments.

Ready to get ahead with your Instagram captions? Read our guide on How to Write Good Instagram Captions now!

How to Use Instagram Carousel Posts #9: Share Event Recaps (Without Spamming Everyone)

Regular Instagram users do this all the time, but using Instagram carousel posts to show off photos from your events is also a great strategy for brands.

The ability to share multiple photos and videos that capture the energy and atmosphere of your events, without having to spam all of your followers with multiple posts, is a huge advantage.

For those who attended your event, it’s a great way to tag them in a photo to say thanks and remind them of the fun they had — and for those who missed it, it’s perfect for creating FOMO for your next event.

The ability to share multiple photos and videos in a single post (rather than posting several photos and videos back-to-back) also gives you way more flexibility to share relevant content without spamming your followers — or impacting your Instagram engagement. Double win!

Fun fact: Kim Kardashian tweeted at Instagram when she realized that she couldn’t tag people in her carousel post (the post just above) after it was published. Needless to say, it didn’t take long for Instagram to add the feature and you can now tag users in your Instagram carousel posts!

How to Use Instagram Carousel Posts #10: Roundup Your User-generated Content (UGC)

Alongside customer reviews, UGC is one of the most trusted forms of content that you can share on your Instagram account.

With an effective UGC strategy, you can increase brand loyalty, strengthen the sense of community on your channel, and drive more product sales.

And what’s better than a single piece of UGC? Well, lots of pieces of UGC.

apple use Instagram carousel posts to showcase several pieces UGC highlights in their #ShotoniPhone campaign, creating an engaging piece of content for their whole audience to enjoy.

By curating and sharing their UGC submissions is this way, apple is showing their audience that they do review the content you share with them — which will encourage their community to create more UGC!

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How to Use Instagram Carousel Posts #11: Make Your Instagram Feed More Creative

Last but not least, carousel posts can be an awesome way to add some creative flair to your Instagram account.

Thanks to the rapid growth of creative design apps, it’s now seriously easy to transform your carousel posts into eye-catching design statements.

With the help of Swipeable, you can break free of Instagram’s boundaries and showcase your landscape shots in all of their glory.

Alongside panoramic edits, collage effects are also a fun way to bring some extra creativity to your Instagram feed.

Apps like SwipeMix and Scrl allows you to easily create beautiful collages in your carousel posts, while also blending the edges of your photos into one another for a super cool effect.

Whether you’re launching a new product line or just can’t decide on which photo to post, Instagram carousel posts are one of the most versatile and user-friendly features out there.

Not only can carousel posts add depth to your Instagram feed, but they give you way more flexibility to share content without spamming your followers.

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Jillian Warren

Jillian is a content marketer at Later based in the UK. She is an aficionado of London brunch spots and an avid listener of true crime podcasts. You can connect with her on Instagram @jillwrren.

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