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Milkshake App

The Milkshake app is a free website builder and link in bio app. It allows users to turn their social media link in bio into a website to sell products and share content. 

How does Milkshake work?

Compared to other link in bio tools, Milkshake is a mobile-first interface. You design a micro website build off of a series of cards. Those cards are used for sharing a list of links, information about yourself, and embedding video content and more similar to an Instagram carousel. You build your site by selecting a template, selecting your cards and adding in your content. 

What are Milkshake App alternatives?

When choosing a link in bio tool, there are a few factors to consider, mainly pricing and availability of tools. Milkshake is almost free. Without a paid subscription, your website and cards will feature Milkshake branding which can be removed for a fee of $2.99 a month. 

Alternatively, Later’s Link in Bio has it all, plus it’s free. With Link in Bio’s free plan, you get access to everything you need to build a link in bio that turns followers into customers and subscribers. At $0 a month, here’s what’s available with Link in Bio

With a free Link in Bio plan you can:

  • Create a Link in Bio page without needing to connect your Instagram profile first

  • Add unlimited linked buttons — to spotlight your most important links 

  • Create a linked version of your TikTok and Instagram feeds — to drive traffic to specific URLs 

  • Fully customize your colors and fonts

  • Track link clicks and sales in Google Analytics — to get data-backed insights and make reporting a breeze

  • Add links to your social channels — to build your audience across platforms 

  • Boost email subscribers with our Mailchimp integration — to connect with your audience beyond social media

  • Access state-of-the-art customer support (from a real human)

When it comes to efficient social media marketing tools, you can’t compete with Link in Bio's suite of tools for $0 a month.


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