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Influencer Marketing Resources

Learn content creation tips from the experts at Later. Browse our collection of influencer marketing reports, courses, webinars, guides, videos, and worksheets.

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Dallas Mavericks

How the Dallas Mavericks used Later to activate influencers & engaged local community all year long.

Dallas Mavericks thumbnail

Clif Bar

How CLIF Bar activates influencers across use cases to influence multiple consumer touchpoints using Later.

Clif Bar thumbnail


How Kraft partnered with Later to drive a double-digit lift in favorability and intent.

Kraft thumbnail


How Totino’s worked with Later to activate TikTok creators and reach Gen-Z gamers.

Totino’s thumbnail


How Later & MacKenzie-Childs made holiday magic by pairing creator content with paid media.

MacKenzie-Childs thumbnail

Lindt x American Greetings

How American Greetings and Lindt leveraged influencers to drive Mother’s Day sales, powered by Later.

Lindt x American Greetings thumbnail

Beauty & Skincare Brand

How a beauty and skincare brand partnered with Later to gain audience insights from Black and Latinx creators.

Beauty & Skincare Brand thumbnail


How f’real foods partnered with Later to activate TikTok creators to increase engagement and sales.

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How Eyeconic launched a referral program using Later to increase brand awareness and site traffic.

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Paid Media in Influencer Marketing Ultimate Guide

Learn how to leverage paid media for enhanced growth and ROI.

Free paid media and influencer marketing guide

Influencer Marketing Planning Guide

Download the planning guide and get ready for the year ahead!

Influencer Marketing Planning Guide thumbnail

Influencer & Affiliate Marketing Guide

Learn how to merge affiliate marketing with influencer marketing.

Free influencer marketing and affiliate marketing guide for brand marketers from Later.

How to Write Effective Influencer Marketing Reports

Learn how to measure and report on influencer marketing campaigns.

Free influencer marketing guide to campaign measurement and reporting.

Influencer Marketing Platform Buyer’s Guide

Discover the six key features an influencer marketing platform should have.

Free influencer marketing platform guide for brand marketers from Later

E-Commerce & DTC Influencer Marketing Guide

Learn how to leverage influencers for your e-commerce and direct-to-consumer brand.

Free influencer marketing guide for E-commerce and DTC brands from Later
Free influencer marketing guide for consumer packaged goods brands from Later

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