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How to Get More Views on TikTok

Does it feel like everyone is getting more views than you on TikTok? You're not alone and it's definitely not your fault! In today's video, we're giving you five tips to get more views on TikTok in 2023. From collaborating with fellow TikTok creators, to becoming a pro at spotting trends, you'll learn how you can get more eyeballs on your Tiktok content and increase those views.

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Does it feel like everyone is going viral on TikTok but you? If you're nodding your head, "Yes!", then this video is for you. I'm Euan from Later, and today I'm going to cover five super easy ways to get more views on TikTok - because more views can translate to better brand awareness and even sales.

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Tip #1: Optimize Your Content for the For You Page

First things first, let's talk TikTok's For You Page, aka the App's Homepage, where you'll find an endless feed of curated content tailored to a user's interests - from marketing tips to kittens and everything in between. The beauty of the For You Page is that anyone's content can be featured.

You just need to know how to optimize your content. For maximum views, start by using relevant keywords and hashtags in your captions. For example, we'll use something like #SocialMediaManagerLife when sharing a video related to the struggles of being a social media manager. That way, TikTok knows to serve this content to people who enjoy and relate to this subject matter. You can also optimize your content for the For You Page by quickly hopping on trending audio (we'll touch more on this later) and creating shorter videos that hook people within the first couple of seconds.

Tip #2: Engage with Users in Your Niche

Okay, now this tip honestly isn't talked about enough but TikTok is all about community. Sometimes the best part is literally the comment section. Start to build relationships with fellow users and brands in your TikTok community by liking and commenting on their videos. In other words, be social, especially with like-minded brands and creators.

Because in the world of TikTok, having your clever comment get pinned on a viral video could result in loads of new followers. The more solid the community is, the more views on your page overall.

Tip #4: Cross Promote on Other Platforms

If you're sleeping on cross promotion, then it's time to wake up because promoting your TikToks on other platforms can be a huge help in getting more eyes on your content, especially when you're sharing to social channels where you already have a following. Start by sharing your TikToks to your Instagram Stories with a clear call to action to go like and follow you on TikTok. Don't forget about other channels like Pinterest too.

You can upload video pins that directly link back to your TikTok account, so you can increase your overall views and engagement across both platforms.

Tip #5: Collaborate with Other TikTokers

If you followed our previous advice on building community on TikTok, then this step is a no-brainer. Collaborating with other creators on TikTok is the perfect way to literally double your reach. Start by using the Duet feature, which lets you have your video playing split screen or green screen next to another person's video. Or, you can use the Stitch feature, which lets you incorporate up to 5 seconds of someone else's content into your own TikTok video.

You can also team up to film one piece of content together. Whether that's virtually filming separate clips or meeting IRL, there's plenty of opportunities to leverage another creator's audience and build your own. And there you have it: five tips for getting more views on TikTok! Have you tried any techniques that have helped you get more views lately? Share with us in the comments below and check out our helpful blogs to further level up your TikTok strategy. See you next week with more social media tips and tricks. Bye!

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