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How to Improve Your LinkedIn Engagement and Reach

In this video, we dive into the strategies and techniques you need to know to enhance your LinkedIn engagement and expand your reach as a brand or business. From interacting with meaningful content in your niche, and getting visual with your content, we're sharing valuable insights that can significantly enhance your LinkedIn presence.

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LinkedIn got you down? We've been there. Unlike other social media platforms where visual content is dominant, growing your brand or business on LinkedIn can seem a little less straightforward.

But over the last couple of years, LinkedIn has shifted its priorities away from being hiring-focused to a community-first platform, which is great news for brands and businesses trying to grow their presence in a less saturated environment. So if there was ever a time to improve your LinkedIn reach and engagement, it would be now. Today, we're sharing our tried and tested ways to improve your LinkedIn reach and engagement.

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Tip #1: Prioritize interacting with content in your niche

As we mentioned earlier, LinkedIn has become a community-focused platform, and one of the best ways to get your name out there is by being present in both your comment section and in others. You may have noticed that LinkedIn will often push out content that connections or brands that you follow have liked, commented or shared.

Unlike Instagram, where your comments can get buried within the comment section, this low-lift effort on LinkedIn can showcase your brand's interests and also help you enter conversations in your niche.

Tip #2: Focus on adding value to conversations

Speaking of niches, because LinkedIn is designed to be a place where like-minded professionals can meet, you have the added benefit of your audience being interested in educational content and trending topics surrounding your niche. As a social media-focused brand, we find that our audience at Later is the most engaged when we share tips and tricks that we've used to grow our own social presence; also, by sharing updates or trends we're seeing in the social media industry.

LinkedIn is also a great place to share stories about your brand's growth, celebrate milestones and employee accomplishments. Long story short, keep it 100% real. If you want more tips on how to become a thought leader on LinkedIn, check out our latest video on LinkedIn growth hacks right over here.

Tip #3: Get visual

If there's one area we find brands are lacking on LinkedIn, it's inserting more visuals into their regular content. Be it carousels, videos, memes or graphics, adding visuals to your LinkedIn is a great way to cut through the text and stand out. As a rule of thumb, the more visually intriguing your content is, the more engaging it will be.

Tip #4: Use hashtags and keywords

While LinkedIn isn't necessarily designed to be a search-focused platform, hashtags and keywords definitely come into play when it comes to the content that the algorithm will serve you, similar to most social media platforms. This is why we recommend including two to three hashtags at the end of your post to boost discoverability and reach and also help your audience quickly scan for the topic of your post. The more precise your hashtags, the more likely a potential follower will feel inclined to follow for more content.

Tip #5: Publish frequently

Like any social platform, you are not going to grow if you don't post. We recommend finding that consistency and what it means to you. For us, consistency means posting twice a day and including one piece of valuable content and one piece of entertaining content like these.

So there you have it: five quick and easy tips you can use to improve your LinkedIn reach and engagement. If you found any of these tips helpful, be sure to let us know in the comment section below and subscribe for more social media tips and tricks. I'll see you later.

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