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On social media, the term "camp" can refer to a particular aesthetic or style characterized by being deliberately exaggerated, theatrical, ironic, and often kitschy/over-the-top.

What is the origin of the word camp?

The concept of camp originated in the LGBTQ+ community that gained prominence in the world of art, fashion, and popular culture. It celebrates the embrace of the artificial, the exaggerated, and the theatrical. Camp often involves the reappropriation of clichés, tropes, or outdated elements in a self-aware and playful manner. It is associated with a sense of humour and appreciation for the extravagant and unconventional.

What does camp mean on social media?

In the context of social media, "camp" can be used to describe content that exhibits these qualities, such as posts with exaggerated fashion choices, parodies, or intentionally cheesy and theatrical performances. It can also refer to the appreciation and recognition of camp aesthetics within online communities.

"Camp" as an expression can be used as a verb, with someone saying they are "camping" or "camping it up" when they purposefully amplify or emphasize certain aspects of their personality or style for dramatic effect, often in an ironic or tongue-in-cheek way.


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