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Later’s Beyond Influence: Your New Favorite Podcast

Updated on April 17, 2024
3 minute read

You’ll want to tune in.

Published April 17, 2024

The news is out: Later’s officially launching an influencer marketing podcast!

And even better, you can listen to the first episode of Beyond Influence right now

P.S. I’m Scott Sutton — Later’s new CEO (and podcast co-host), and I’m thrilled to share more about Beyond Influence and how we aim to better understand influencers, creators, and the future of social commerce.

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Why Is Later Launching a Podcast?

As a leading social media management and influencer marketing platform, we already talk about all things creator economy and social media marketing. 

That said, since our unification with Mavrck (now Later Influence), we’ve seen a pervasive gap in how influencer marketing is discussed. 

The conversation often turns to something negative, ignoring the real impact influencers and creators contribute to brand awareness, revenue, and community-building. 

Beyond Influence will empower creators to be financially successful, while helping brands learn how to execute authentic influencer marketing campaigns that build consumer trust.

Through the conversations we have on the podcast, we want to elevate discussions about the creator ecosystem for everyone.

What Is the Beyond Influence Podcast About?

Beyond Influence is an influencer marketing podcast for creators, brands, and social media enthusiasts. 

It aims to:

  • Provide a roadmap to creating meaningful relationships between brands, influencers, and consumers

  • Unpack the experiences of top creators, industry voices, and marketers (so you can hear from both sides of the coin) 

  • Offer tips, insights, and takeaways to new (and established) creators 

We’ll have a lineup of rotating guests — spanning former TV personalities like Marshall Glaze and Jason Tartrick, to entrepreneurs like Tessa Barton, to brand experts, and more. 

Who Is Hosting the Beyond Influence Podcast?

The podcast will be hosted by myself and Kwame Appiah

You may recognize him from the Netflix show, Love Is Blind, but he’s also worked in business development for years — which is how we met.

When it came time to hire a new Head of Influencer Engagement at Later (and co-host!), Kwame was a natural fit.

He brings a unique blend of experience: he knows technology and sales, created beautiful photography content on Instagram for years, and achieved sudden influence after Love Is Blind aired. 

He can speak to audiences across the ecosystem of influencer marketing, and I can’t wait to hear the lessons he shares.

When Does It Launch (& Where Can I Listen)?

The podcast is officially live! The first episode is out right now, and future episodes will air every other week. 

You can listen (or watch) wherever you catch your favorite podcasts:

You can also join the conversation on Instagram

Talk to you later (pun intended).

Later’s influencer marketing tools and services are trusted by leading brands to drive revenue, scale campaigns, and source relevant creators. Schedule a call to learn more.

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