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Is Instagram Rolling Out a For You Page?

Updated on May 31, 2023
3 minute read

A FYP for you, and you, and you.

Published May 31, 2023

Some news for you: Instagram has quietly adopted a FYP. 

Now, when you search for something on the Explore Page, results appear in a totally-unique-to-you, one-of-a-kind For You feed

And while Instagram has yet to reveal how it works, we’re sharing everything we know about the Instagram FYP so far — including how it could boost your discoverability on the app.

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What Is Instagram's FYP?

Much like TikTok, Instagram’s For You page (FYP) is a personalized feed based on a user’s interests, behaviors, and engagement patterns on the app.

The only difference? It’s exclusive to search

Instagram's new For you page, with results for "hair care".

That said, personalized search results aren’t technically new to Instagram. 

In 2021, the platform’s CEO, Adam Mosseri, confirmed Instagram’s search results are based on three key factors

  1. What you enter in the search bar

  2. Your activity on the app (accounts you follow, posts you’ve viewed, etc.)

  3. Popularity signals (clicks, likes, shares and follows for a particular account, hashtags, etc.)

“It’s important for us to get this right, so we try to organize search results by what’s most relevant to you,” said Mosseri.

So, what does this mean for discoverability on Instagram?

Three words: organic reach galore. 

Think about it, with the search algorithm becoming more targeted, creators and brands have a better shot at reaching new followers and growing their audience — regardless of follower count. 

And the secret ingredient? A solid Instagram SEO strategy (more on that, below). 

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How to Get On Instagram's FYP in 2023

With nearly 40% of Gen Z using TikTok and Instagram for search over Google, a strong Instagram SEO strategy is a great way to increase your reach on the platform. 

With an Instagram SEO strategy, you can create content that works for the algorithm and is relevant to your target audience. 

That way, you can tap into exactly what they’re searching for.

And with Instagram (seemingly) sharpening their search engine algorithm, there’s never been a better time to optimize your content and get discovered. 

Here are three ways to invest in Instagram SEO:

  1. Write relevant, descriptive captions using choice keywords 

  2. Include up to 20 relevant hashtags on posts

  3. Be consistent with your niche

For even more ways to improve your Instagram SEO, bookmark: Instagram SEO: 5 Ways to Increase Your Discoverability.

Will Every Platform Adopt a FYP?

Pioneered by TikTok, the For You feed’s endless stream of curated content is designed to keep users scrolling for longer

And it does.

In fact, most users spend 1.5 hours a day on TikTok — nearly twice as long as on Instagram. 

And other platforms have taken note, adopting a similar format in hopes of matching TikTok's success.

Most recently, Twitter transformed their main feed to a near replica of TikTok’s FYP:

The takeaway? Whether or not platforms adopt their own For You page, targeted, more personalized feeds have become the gold standard on social media — and it’s a major win for brands and creators alike. 

We'll keep our eyes peeled. 👀

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