How to Use the Text-to-speech Feature on Instagram Reels (+ 3 Content Ideas)

By Jillian Warren

Published October 13, 2021

3 minute read

Head’s up, there’s a brand new feature coming to Instagram Reels!


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That’s right, TikTok’s super popular text-to-speech feature is now coming to Instagram Reels.

If you’ve used the trendy video app in the last few months, you’ve probably heard a robotic voice-over effect that sounds a little like Siri or Alexa.

And now, text-to-speech is being rolled out on Reels – with the option to choose from two different automated voices.

This new feature is perfect for brands and creators who want to do more creative storytelling on the platform, and (good news!) it’s really easy to do.

How to Use the Text-to-speech Feature on Instagram Reels

To activate Instagram Reels’ new text-to-speech feature, use the text tool and write the copy you'd like converted into a voiceover. 

Then, tap on the text button at the bottom of the screen until a “secret” menu pops up, and select “Text-to-Speech.”

From here, you can choose “Voice 1” or “Voice 2,” or tap “None” to disable the text-to-speech feature.

Once you’ve turned your text into a voiceover, you can resize the text or move it off screen to obscure it from view. 

NOTE: This feature is still being rolled out, so if you don’t have this option yet, sit tight!

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3 Ideas for the Text-to-speech Feature on Instagram Reels

Instagram’s text-to-speech feature opens up tons of opportunities to get creative on Reels – especially if you’re a brand or creator.

 #1: Highlight the Benefits of Your Products 

An easy and effective way to use the text-to-speech feature is to call out the benefits of your products or services.This video from REN skincare has over 50K views in under 24 hours:

As you can see, this trend doesn’t need any complex edits or dance moves – just a simple problem and solution.

#2: Add an Element of Humor

The text-to-speech feature can also be used to add some funny commentary to your Instagram Reels. 

For example, fitness influencer Juju uses the text-to-speech feature to narrate her inner monologue:

The monotone voiceover has a deadpan quality that pairs perfectly with comedy content.  

#3: Narrate a Tutorial Featuring Your Product or Service

When it comes to this feature, the simplest ideas often work best.

Filming a tutorial or DIY hack that features your product, then narrating each step using the text-to-speech feature, is all it takes. 

Remember: the new text-to-speech feature is currently rolling out to accounts across Instagram, so don’t worry if you don’t have access yet!

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